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Hi my name is anita and I am a real indian college girl .i am chubby ,black , hair and brown eyes and I am a pure Chennai girl .i am quite very naughty and I think about all kinds of naughty and dirty acts in the night with my hands down there.i love turning. On men and seduce .love to get seduced by strong and able man .

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.I like roleplay and fantasy and taboo ,all kinds of fetishes .also friendly chat .i can handle all your desires once you allow me to please you by saying what makes you happy . Don't discuss about disgusting things

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  • Shadowwmist  
      A seductive charmer,her voice just oozes raw sexiness..a sultry seductive girl who can put u in a hypnotic mood.. pleasant talker n really had a fun time with you.. I\'ll get you the internship ;)
  • Rockyrddy  
      She great listener does taboo very well
  • madmen43  
      So Good speaking to you. She is the waiting you\'ve all been waiting for!! Mind Blown, Among other things;)
  • sammyman79  
      Love it! Seductress and a great conversationalist! Sexy voice!
  • Violetcock55  
      She is the best... Enga ooru ponnu... Ennoda mattum pondatti.... Love u Di..... Nan than un first review

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