How to Call

Step 1. Create a FREE account

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Step 2. Add minutes to your account

Once you are logged in, click “Get Minutes”, select your package and finalize the transaction.

  • Click here for more information about our packages and pricing
  • Click here for more information about our payment methods
  • Note: Minutes never expire and can be used for calling via our website or your mobile phone

Step 3. Choose a girl and click on “Talk to Me”

Choose the girl you prefer and click on the “Talk to Me” button

Step 4. Connect via website or mobile phone

  • Click on “Connect via website” and get instantly connected to the girl.
  • Click on “Connect via mobile phone” and enter your customer details when calling in.line

Have fun with

Enjoy your conversation!  If you have any questions about how to call or about any other matter, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page first. Otherwise feel absolutely free to contact us through the Contact Form.



Requirements for web calling
1. Windows,  Android, IOS device/computer
2. Internet Connection (at least 256 kb/s)
3. For Windows / Android: Google Chrome (click here to download). | For IOS (Iphone/Ipad) users: Safari Browser (version 11 and higher)
4. Allow to access your microphone.

Can’t meet these requirements? Don’t worry, you can always call our regular number to reach one of our girls.

  • Click here for more information about calling with internet.
  • Click here for more information about allowing your microphone


Requirements for phone calling
1. Telephone connection
2. Customer Code and Access Code
3. The box number of the girl you want to talk to

Before calling our phone lines it is best to write down your Customer Code and Access Code. You will be prompted to enter these codes when calling in. Click on “Connect via mobile phone” and dial the number indicated for the country you live in.

When you dial the number you have to enter your Customer Code and Access Code. This way the system will recognize your account. You can get connected to an operator by entering the box Number of the girl.