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What other callers said about me

  • Shadowwmist  
      A seductive charmer,her voice just oozes raw sexiness..a sultry seductive girl who can put u in a hypnotic mood.. pleasant talker n really had a fun time with you.. I\'ll get you the internship ;)
  • Rockyrddy  
      She great listener does taboo very well
  • madmen43  
      So Good speaking to you. She is the waiting you\'ve all been waiting for!! Mind Blown, Among other things;)
  • sammyman79  
      Love it! Seductress and a great conversationalist! Sexy voice!
  • Violetcock55  
      She is the best... Enga ooru ponnu... Ennoda mattum pondatti.... Love u Di..... Nan than un first review

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