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So you clicked here to know more about us. Great!
As avid phone sex lovers, we thought it would be so cool to start a business doing what we love. After lots of contemplating, researching and working hard in the lab, we finally emerged as Starting in 2010, we didn’t really know what to expect. Although It was pretty obvious to us that many people like to engage in phone sex. Ever since then, we have catered our services to well over 1000 satisfied callers of which many remain to be our fans for life.

So what is doing?

We deliver a platform for adults to meet up and have some hot and sizzling fun.
It doesn’t matter who you are and what you like, we make sure you can get connected to someone and talk about anything you like. As long as you are 18+ of course. Conversations can really be about anything and everything. About romance, some hot sex, relationship advice, or just friendship, or whatever you like. Whether it’s gay, bi sexual, straight or transsexual, it doesn’t matter, we got you covered. You just make sure you enjoy the ride.

What makes us the best in the biz?

We know this market quite well and we also know that we are not the only providing this service. But here are some reasons why we know we are the best in this industry in India. (We aren’t the no1 rated phone sex service for nothing) :

    • We know you like ASS: Anonymous, Safe & Secure
      No worries about the privacy of your phone number, payment privacy and safety issues. We got that taken care of quite well.
    • Speak in multiple languages
      You can talk in English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu and so on.
    • We provide the best audio quality
      Our audio quality is superb as you are not dependend on slow and lagging internet connections.
    • Simply call with your phone
      You can call from anywhere you like by just using your phone. Of course using other services like Skype etc. is also possible.
    • No extra charges
      You pay the best rates with NO extra phone charges if you call from within India. We have provided you with a toll free number.
    • Worldwide accessible
      We are offering an international number as well so you can call us from all over the world. It doesn’t matter where you are or live. You can call us!
    • Internet calling and telephone calling (only company in India)
      We are the only company in India that has the option of calling through phone line or through internet. This has not be done before and we are very proud of this!

If you like to know more about our service specifically you should read this FAQ , use our onsite messaging service or send us an email.

Our point of view

Ok, now a little insight in our philosophy. (We understand phone sex can be a touchy subject) Yes we like phones, yes we love sex. And yes, we do love phone sex! What we don’t love however, is anything about (phone) sex that is NOT based on free will. We do not engage in, nor condone any form of sexual abuse. Sex is a beautiful thing. (it keeps us from extinction). But only when it is consensual and enjoyed by all of the adult engaging parties.

With regards to the people that have joined our service as a phone sex operator;

  • All operators are all 18+ years of age.
  • All operators have chosen to join us on a voluntary basis.
  • All operators get paid very well for their services.
  • All operators determine their own working hours.
  • All operators work from the comfort of their homes, or wherever they prefer.
  • All operators can choose to quit their work whenever they want.
  • All operators have the right to deny talking about certain topics when feeling uncomfortable.

Fellas, what more can we say. It’s time for us to stop talking and let you get started. Check out these pretty operators. is part of IIIcompanies

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