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How to call?

I live in India and want to have phone sex, is that possible?

Of course that’s possible. We offer two ways of calling.  You can call with Internet which is free with no phone charges, you only pay for the credits you use or you can also call the phone number with your phone. We offer many Indian phone sex girls (and males) that can speak English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, etc.  And we keep adding more and more every week to provide you with the best phone sex experience possible. See who is online right now!

What do I need to be able to have phone sex?

Calling is as easy as 1-2-3.  All you need is:

  1. A telephone or a PC with an internet connection (at least 256 kb/s)
  2. A debit or credit card.
  • For more information about how to call click here
  • For more information about calling with internet click here

How do I place a call?

Placing a phone sex call with us is easy. You can reach our phone sex operators by calling via internet of via the regular phone number. Note that these options are only accessible after funds are added to your account. We do this to prevent a lot of random calls to our system. Only paid members can access these phone numbers.  After you have added funds to your account you will be able to see our phone numbers and other account details. For more details on how to call click here.


What can I talk about?

You can talk about anything you like. As long as it is legal.  Our operators are open to discuss just about anything possible in the realm of fantasy, however, they always retain the right to politely decline your suggestions if they are uncomfortable with your fantasy, attitude, or behavior.
Did you know that many of our callers talk to our operators about stuff other than phone sex? Many people are seeking to find relational advice, dating advice, or even personal advice related to family matters etc. Others are just reaching out for personal contact. At IndianSexTalk.com you can do all of that. Our operators are great listeners and are experienced in life, so if you want to talk about topics other than phone sex… NO problem at all. They will definitely lend you an ear.


Where can i find the phone number to call to?

The phone number is only accessible for paid members. So only members who have funds in their account are able to see the telephone number. Become a member now and register with us!


I have never had phone sex before and I am feeling a bit shy. Can I listen to some stories first?

Of course you can. Many people haven’t experienced phone sex yet and are first time callers. Sometimes that may cause for people to feel a little shy at first and they often want to start listening in before they engage in actual conversations. Then again, many others just prefer listening to Indian audio sex stories over talking themselves.  In either way, we’ve got you covered. At our partner AudioSexStories.net you can listen to some great audio adventures narrated by our phone sex hotties, that we will be sure to get your blood flowing. Just go to https://www.audiosexstories.net/. We are adding new stories on a regular basis so you will never be bored.


I’m living outside of India, can i also call your service?

Yes, we provide calling via phone number or via internet connection. Both services are wordwide accessible. Our internet calling service is not depending on your location so you can call us from everywhere. Our phone calling service is having multiple phone numbers.  One for our Indian customers (+91) and some numbers for our international callers. The acces rate for our international phone number depends on your provider and your location. Please note that you have to be registered with us and add funds first to be able to see the international phone number.


Payment and Safety

What Does It Cost?

Indiansextalk.com offers its services for the best en most economical prices with NO phone charges. To start off you can buy the introduction package and try our service for only $0.40/min.  Always 100% discreet, safe and anonymous with multiple billing options available for customers worldwide. And remember: We provide the best quality audio. No failing internet connections or annoying noises in the background.  Register, and click “Buy Minutes” to see more about our pricing and packages.


How can I pay?

In order to make a payment we need you to register with us first. After registration you can click on “Get Minutes Now” to select a package and continue to our check out page. We offer credit and debit card payments. For more information about our payment methods please see this page.


What payment options are available?

We offer multiple payment options to make sure everyone can use our service. The following payment options are currently offered:

      • Credit Card
      • Debit Card
      • And more payment methods depending on your location:

Read more about our discreet, safe and convenient payment methods!


Are payments on your website secured?

Our website uses state of the art high SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, which is visible  through the https indication in our website url’s. This gives our clients maximum security and privacy while  using our website. Our advanced, state of the art IVR Management System (For making the telephone connections with our operators) is making sure that anonymity is safeguarded at all times.

Credit and debit card payments are being processed and secured by Verotel IPSP and Epoch.com.  The leading Internet Payment Service Providers in our industry which have been  at the top of their market for over 20 years. In other words: Using our website and making payments doesn’t get much safer than this.


Will someone ever know i had phone sex on your website?

Absolutely Not! At IndianSexTalk.com we value your privacy very much.  All our calls will be handled with full discretion. Your payment card billing statements will show NO trace to our company whatsoever. Credit/debit card statements will read only “Verotel*vtsup.com” or “EPOCH.COM*”. Our service is 100% safe and discreet so there is absolutely no reason to let any concerns regarding discretion get in your way of having fun with our phone sex operators.


Will the operators or anyone else be able to see my telephone number?

NO, no one will have access to your telephone number. When you call into our system, our system will call the phone sex operator you have chosen. This operator does not get to see who is calling and your number will not be displayed anywhere.


About IndianSexTalk.com

Why should I choose IndianSexTalk.com?

If you are looking for the best (Indian) phone sex experience ever, we are the one you want to call to. Here is why:

  • With us you call Anonymous, Safe and Secure. No worries about privacy and payment safety issues!
  • We have only the hottest and most willing phone sex operators that speak many languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu etc!
  • We provide flawless audio without being dependent on slow and failing internet connections!
  • Simply call us with your  phone or internet!
  • You pay the best rates with No phone charges!
  • We are worldwide accesible!
  • We  offer a lot of free extras to our registered members alongside our paid services.


Does IndianSexTalk.com also offer Indian phone sex operators?

Most definitely! We have a wide selection of Indian and worldwide girls and men as you can see on our homepage. On their profile it’s stated what languages they speak. For example Hindi or English. IndianSexTalk.com gives you the best selection of  phone sex operators from India as well as worldwide.


Does IndianSexTalk.com offer male phone sex operators?

Sure we do! Also girls should be able to have hot and steamy conversations with our phone sex operators. They can speak with guys or other women too. our operators are always ready and waiting for your call! Click here for our male operators.


Does IndianSexTalk.com offer gay phone sex operators?

Yes, gay phone sex is very popular all over the world and growing rapidly in India. Our gay and lesbian phone sex operators know exactly what you like and will definitely give you the time of your life. Whether you are in or out of the closet, they will surely take good care of you. P.s. We are always looking for more gay phone sex operators. So if you fancy getting paid for your hot gay phone sex conversations you can Apply Here!


What about the quality of your connections?

We are not afraid to say that we provide you with the best sound quality available. With us you can call to direct phone lines with either your own telephone or with internet (VoIP). We are totally independent of slow and failing internet connections, therefor providing you with solid audio quality. However, when you call us using your internet connection, the quality of your own internet connection may be a factor.

I want to become a phone sex operator?

It does not matter if you are man or woman, we can always use both! If you want to become an operator click here.


My question is not answered here, who can I contact for further support?

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us trough our contact form. Our friendly staff is here to help.