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Having sex chat with strangers

The internet is a perfect place to explore ways to have a sex chat with strangers.  It’s often  free, totally anonymous and billions of people are connected to it every day. The growth of the internet has opened many doors to meet  new people from all over the word. With that one can expand its range dramatically.  But since there are so many different types of websites, it can be overwhelming to get a hold of where you should be getting started. Therefor we want to walk you through the options available and tell you about them, including the hot idea of having sex chat with strangers.

How did it all begin?

In the early days of the internet people mostly used it for simple forms of communication like sending emails etc. Options to communicate were very limited at that time so the possibilities for erotic chatting were subjected to those same limitations. Needless to say that at that time you couldn’t send images through email and you needed to have some one’s email address first to be able to send out mails in the first place. So you could basically only talk to people you already knew if you were looking to have erotic chats over the internet.  After e-mail came chat rooms. Those were chatting platforms where many people came together and  chat with each other real time. Everyone was talking in the same window and if you wanted to have a private conversation you could invite the person of your interest to chat in a private window. This was a lot  fun and a big step forward. You were able to send images to each other too.  But still, you could never really know who you were talking too as people could easily take on fake identities over the internet since there was no way of verifying anything. Basically that still happens on a massive scale today.

Sex chat with strangers over the phone

At some point in  time, phone sex was something that started making its way. For many people this was the ideal way to have sex chat with strangers. Phone sex services were catching on really fast in the western world. In fact, today it still remains to be very popular for all sorts of reasons. As opposed to texting, over the phone, you can hear each other’s voice which adds an important extra dimension and triggers your imagination to run free. The fantasy aspect is what makes it so exciting. Its juts like seeing a woman in pretty lingerie. It really makes you wonder how she would look like naked. Curiosity triggers the senses. When  you see that same girl naked the first time it takes a lot away of that imagination. Of course there will still be a lot left to fantasies about but it is quite different. This is why phonesex is still very popular all over the world and massively gaining in popularity in India today.

Sex chat with strangers through webcam

Not exactly knowing who you’re having a sex chat with is truly something special, but there are always people who prefer to see who they are talking to. Once internet technology developed in such a way that big data streams could be sent over the internet at once it didn’t take long for webcam sex to make its way through the masses. Now you could really see who was on the other side of the connection. No fake images to be fooled by anymore. It was great, it was sensational. Going to a website, selecting your girl of choice out of a whole database of women was a real treat. For those interested in this there are many great sites available. Like sexcams.in for example, which is really popular today. They have a lot of (Indian) women on that site that are very eager and willing to please you. You can choose from so many women and fetishes that it may take you some time to select your pick. Still there are many people who do not appreciate the webcam version as much as the “old fashioned” phone sex. This is for several reasons of course but one of them is sure to be the fact that it takes a lot away from the imagination. Often it is without voice and the personal touch just isn’t there. Some consider it  more like a circus animal showing tricks than having a personal one on one.

Different strokes for different folks

It’s quite obvious that chatting with people you don’t know can be done in many ways today and everyone has its own preference. If you want to find out what your preference is ,it is suggested that you do some snooping around in the big world of online sex chatting. Just check for yourself and try the various options available. Best of luck to you on your journey to find the best form of sex chat with strangers that matches your needs.

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