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What’s so great about Indian sex chat you ask?

indian sex chatSo you still don’t know what is so great about Indian sex chat? Hmmm, well ask yourself this first. Have you ever had a hot and steamy conversation with someone you either know or don’t know? Now, irrelevant of the answer, would you want to have one right now or maybe pretty soon? I mean just any one. It could be through a verbal phone conversation, through a webcam, or sending text messages , or even face to face. Have you ever thought of what it would or could be like?  Honestly, I love it. I’m mean let’s face it. We all like sex right? 1.2 BILLION people strong? Let’s not even try and deny that. And talking about what you would like to do with someone and how to do it in detail is just a great feeling that you should really experience. It can be either like prepping up  for the real deal or just doing it to get the satisfaction out of the conversation alone. It doesn’t even matter. It’s just great if you are into it.

What you can get out of Indian sex chat?

Ok, I may get more satisfaction out of an Indian sex chat than the next person. I mean, I really love it. It has brought me so much. Of course  I get the fantastic  sexual satisfaction when talking dirty over the phone which is quite obvious. But there is another very powerful feeling I get out of chatting and that comes from sexting. I get an enormous ego boost when I can turn a girl on through sending her text messages. I mean, once you enter that realm of sexual tension and have a girl say some hot and steamy shit (excuse my French) and tell you all kinds of things she normally wouldn’t say. Man, it just gets me going. I even remember this one time, when I was running a cyber café.

I had my friends coming over daily and they would sit there and talk to girls on MSN (This was way before the days of Whatsapp!) This one friend told me that he had been talking with this girl for weeks and he just couldn’t get her to agree to go on a date. He showed me the conversations they were having and they were not too bad to be honest. The girl herself was an absolute knock out. The type that you don’t really expect to turn all nasty on you because girls like that  usually have appearances to keep up right? I remember her vividly, with her long brown hair and some of the juiciest lips you can imagine. I had to keep myself from stealing her contact details and adding her to my own list. Anyhow, I told my friend to move over so I could talk to her on his behalf. She couldn’t know anyway. He was pretty reluctant at first but once he moved over I got into some serious action with that girl. First thing she told me is that she found I was different than normal. “Sure “I said,” I’m in a happy and excited mood”. She asked me what I was so excited about and I started telling here that I had the wildest dream about her  of which I was ashamed to explain in detail. Of course she was desperate to hear what I had dreamed so that basically gave me the green light to hit it off. I then told her that It was only a dream of course but that I kind of had fantasies about her as well that didn’t differ much from the dream I’ve been having. My friend tried to pull me away from the pc because he thought I was ruining his chances with her by telling her the things I fantasized about. But I told him not to worry and to just sit tight. After all, wasn’t she the one asking to hear about his sexual dream?  She then told me that she had also been fantasizing about me (my friend actually) and after I asked her about here fantasies she told me some stuff that made me and my friend grin from ear to ear. Long story short, within the next day they got together and my friend is still thanking me for some of the best months he had in his life.  And yes, that does boost my ego. But there are more reasons to engage in an Indian sex chat.

The things you can learn from an Indian sex chat.

Ever thought about how well you can learn from dry sexing over the phone? The great thing is , when sexting, you have the time to think about your answers. You don’t have to react within a second so it gives you time the think right.

Another good example of  benefiting from an Indian sex chat could be having phone sex with your girlfriend. That’s a good way to show her what you really like. Sometimes while being busy in bed, you might want to give her some instructions but you are a bit afraid that she might take it the wrong way. Or just ashamed to tell her what you like at that moment. In this phone conversation or even a text chat you can tell her all the stuff you would like her to do. And the same goes for her as well. She may not tell you directly as if she is giving instructions, but by paying attention to how she describes her fantasies you can learn an awful lot about her sexual preferences.

I’m not a shamed to say that when I was feeling a bit awkward with having phone sex with my partner at that time, I called to a regular phone sex service just to practice. At first I was a bit shy to say the things I really wanted to say and I let them do the most of the talking. But hey, I’m paying for it right. And I deliberately called them to practice. So then after like the 3rd call, I really gave in to it and let myself go and I found out that I could do this for ours at a time. No problem at all. I just had to make sure that I let go of all restraints and gave into it.

So yeah , having an Indian sex chat from time to time is good for many reasons in my opinion.

But I wonder how you feel about Indian sex chat. If you have an opinion about this, or have some cool experiences to share, drop them here in the comments section below. Let other readers learn from your experiences or just share your opinion or click here to find out more about how to enjoy live sex chat. We’re all in the same boat here.

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