Internet Calling

Here you will find all information you need about internet calling.

Checklist for internet calling

1. Check your Device
Internet calling is available for the following devices:
Windows Computers (with microphone and speakers)
Android Devices / IOS Devices (Safari Browser ONLY)

2. Check your Browser
Internet calling is available for the following browsers:
Android: Google Chrome (Click here to download)
IOS: Safari Browser (version 11 and higher)

3. Enable your Microphone
It’s important to enable your microphone in your browser for our website. Otherwise our girls can’t hear you and will hang up. Once you enabled your microphone, please turn it up loud.
Click here for more information about enabling your microphone in your browser.

When should I call through internet?

Desktop computer and  laptop  (Best option):
The quality of a call through internet is based on your internet connection/ speed. When you have a low speed internet connection you can experience the following symptoms : calls getting disconnected, lagging voice , and/ or lesser audio quality.  If possible, try to call from a computer/laptop instead of a mobile device. Computers and laptop tend to have more stable and faster internet connections. Remember that internet connection wired with a cable is always faster than Wi-Fi.

Mobile Devices like Smartphones and Tablets:
If you use a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet for internet calling, keep in mind that the fastest internet connection is always the best. Wi-Fi is probably faster than a mobile connection, however, mobile 4G connections are also pretty fast.  When after choosing the fastest internet connection available , problems still occur, we strongly advise you to use our phone line system. It does not need any internet connection and is guaranteed a high quality call.

Tips for calling through internet

A computer or laptop is always more stable and most often provides  better quality. Moreover do they have faster internet connections than mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
Make sure you have the fastest internet connection available . Internet through cable is always more stable and will be faster than any Wi-Fi or mobile connection. Wi-Fi is often second best.  It is usually better than mobile connections.  Quick Wi-Fi tip: The closer you are to the router, the better your connection shall be.
With, you can test all your available internet connections and  find out which is fastest.
When calling through internet, try to minimize other programs running on your computer/laptop or mobile devices.

When should I call through the phone line?

Our phone line is designed to make high quality calls without the need of any internet connection. Because of our  high-tech, worldwide infrastructure, you shall be provided with the best quality audio. This way everyone is able to chat with our operators with maximum satisfaction.  So whenever you feel that the internet calling option is not 100% satisfying for whatever reason; Switch to our phone line calling option to get nothing but the best.

Pro’s and cons of internet calling:
Internet calling is cost affective.
It’s easy , just click the button “connect via internet” and you will be connected. No need to dial any numbers.
You only pay when you are connected to an operator.
Quality of the call depends on your internet speed and stability. Can be less than using our phone line.

Pro’s and cons of  phone line calling:
Absolute high quality calls just like calling anyone else on the phone.
Less cost effective.
international charges may apply, depending on where you call from.
One needs to physically dial the number and enter customer and access code as prompted by the system.