The Couch Sorority


Kavitha and I have been very close from the start and that was two years ago when we started going to college. We somehow knew that we shared the same mindset and talked about all things! It was then not too far to talk about our orgasms! How we had it, when we had it and so forth and so on. Well! To be frank I actually missed her when we parted for the summer vacation. She lived a bit far off from where I was and that was a drag! We still hush-hushed on the phone in the privacy of our bedroom but I missed her physically! Not that we touched ourselves, we never thought about that!

It was two weeks from the start of our vacation that she phoned me one day and told me about her new experience with a couch that they had just bought. I was wide eyed hearing her absolute frenzy about her experience. She actually was inviting me over to try out her new sex toy.

The next day I was there at her home and we talked and planned out how to go about it. Her parents had a late night party to attend to and we would wait until they left! It felt like ages to wait for them to get dressed and leave. We looked through the window to see the tail light finally disappear around the block.

We dimmed the light and closed the curtains and dressed down to a T shirt and panties. I was the first one to have a go at it and Kavitha sat next to me. I was already a bit moist with all the planning and the intensity of all the feelings and somehow dint mind her sitting next to me and actually watching me masturbate.

I sat on the plush arm of the couch and the pressure caressed my entire sex seat. It dint take long for that well known tingling sensation in my love folds and the warm wetness that began to squish against the couch. Heavens! She was right! It was too intimate and I never felt so aroused in my life. I was in a blissful mood and thought of Kavitha watching me and masturbating herself. It was a mood raiser to think and visualize her wanking by watching me get off of myself. It felt as if spring time had just begun and the eddies that started at my inner thighs slowly sped up through my entire body. I could feel it at mu mid riff and soon I felt a bit dizzy. This was the best yet and a first time real orgasm that I had. It felt hard to control myself from moaning and soon I was done. I sat down on the couch with my still trembling legs a bit spread out.

How was it! She asked me. And I just smiled at her and showed her the damp spot that shone on the couch!

My panty was too sticky that I needed to change out of them and asked if she had any thing for me to change to. We went upstairs and she gave me a loose knickers to change to! I gave her a look of surprise as it looked too un-girly! It allows you to breathe down there said she, understanding my reaction. She even lifted up her T shirt to show that she was also wearing one of them and I loved the way her bush showed through the gaps.

I was fast in removing my panties and in pulling up the knickers as I felt that it was too awkward to show my pubes to someone who hasn’t seen me in the nude.

Wow! She said taking up my discarded panty in her hand, looking at all the wetness in my panties! I was also excited at seeing it and also the mood that it created. I knew that I blushed as I admitted that her couch was indeed good and really wanted to do it again!

‘But no!’ she said,’ my parents never stay too long at late night parties, but I too want to have a go now! Do you mind if I do it here with you in the room?

I was flustered but asked her to carry on if she wanted to and did not mind me being in the room with her.

This was quite new! I had done bed straddling myself but this was the first time that I was actually seeing someone do it. She was already swaying in front of me and her pointy nipples pressed hard against her sheer T shirt. I felt my juices begin to drip and the new knickers getting wet. I was actually reeling with arousal as she lightly moaned out her pleasure. She opened her eyes to look at me and I knew that she could read my face and know that I was aroused.

She smiled at me and held out her hand inviting me over. I held her hand as I walked slowly over to her.

“Let’s try something more exciting’ she told me as she held my hand and stepping off the straddle. Though all kind of imagery and ideas filled my imagination, I had no hint of what she actually had in mind.

‘Just lie on the bed for me’ she said leading me on and making me lie down with my back turned up and my head on a soft pillow. She softly touched my knickers and spread out my legs a bit. I blushed again at the thought that she would be removing my knickers and seeing my wetness again. But she dint take them off and I was free at mind again.

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