the Couch Sorority – Part 2


With Kavitha on top of me and me lying with my face down, I had no clue as to what she had on mind! As my mind reeled with a lot of thoughts about the turning of our relationship, she straddled my thigh! She wanted to use me as her sex toy. It was not quite lesbian but had that element too. I could feel her wet and tepid against my skin and loved the way her juices spread over my body. I stretched my leg to make it stiff against her robbing and she loved it.

With a sudden moan she started swaying on top of me and using long strokes. She also leaned over me and whispered soft moans in my ear. I could feel her warm breath on me and that was fantastic! I was getting aroused too as her rolling motion was also stimulating me. I hear her moan and then let out a soft shriek. Then there was a stillness that just lasted a few seconds. She started swaying again and I felt more wetness where she was. I was sure that she peed on me and was surprised as why she would do that.

Plop! I heard a sound to my right and saw that it was her knickers. It was completely wet and smelled almost spicy! Heavens! She had pulled off her knickers and was straddling me with her wet pussy on me now. She was wetter that I was when I did the couch and the squelching sounds that her pussy made was so intimate and wonderful.


She clamped mu shoulders softly as she whimpered in pleasure and asked me to stay still. She was now softly whispering and sometimes moaning out that she wanted to cum on me with all her juices on me. The moaning got faster and so did her whispering almost lowering in voice. I was also in bliss as her moaning now upped a bit and as she let out a shriek. She came on my leg! I almost came at the thought and as the juices flood my body.

The clutches on my shoulder went rigid and soft matching what her pussy did rhythmically on my leg. She still stayed there for some time and finally lay down next to me on the pillow with her eyes closed. I just kept on looking at her and she opened her eyes with a jubilant smile sporting on her face. I returned the smile. I wanted my turn and both us knew that we understood each other. But we just waited for her breathing to get back to the normal pace. Her bosom was heaving slower now as her orgasm eddied down.

“Do you want to have a go?” She asked finally which seemed almost like ages! I sat upright on my knees, excited to try it on her but she was lying on bed and facing me.

‘Ok! Turn around.’ I said

‘No I would like to try it this way, if you don’t mind.’

To be frank, I was not quite ready for it. If she had her face down on the pillow and not facing me, I could be freer and also it gave me some privacy, but this was quite different. I couldn’t get off the thought that she would be seeing me in my act. Finally the tingling sensation in my pussy was in control and I was straddling her even before I was aware of what I was doing. I was really horny and dint mind her seeing me and a part of me liked it and wanted to reciprocate the intimate feeling that she shared with me just a moment ago.

I started straddling her knowing well that she would feel my wetness down there ready to be spread on her thigh. A few quick straddling and my pussy was super wet. I instantly knew that my orgasm would come any time now. It was quick but was strong. I soon reached my rhythm and was now breathing harder. I looked at Kavitha and saw that she was looking at mu pussy straight on. The movements had shifted her T shirt well over her boobs and they were pointed. I watched her looking keenly at my wetness playing on her.

She slowly reached her hand and pressed it at my bum. I was super charged with emotion and let out a moan. She slowly caressed me avoiding my pussy. I stared moaning out louder and finally she slid her fingers in her knickers and fingered herself. This was the limit. She was playing with herself in front of me! Oh! What a turn on. I just wanted to see her in the nude.

My earlier moans were just reflexes but the ones I was making now were real and a first time for me. I was about to come when she slid her knickers a bit down and sped up her play! I could now see her pussy and her wetness on her fingers as it drove in and out.

“Yesss! Make me cum”, she told me as she fingered herself. We had sped up our motion and I knew that I would come just then. This triggered up as I slid on her knee. It was something that was electric and I did it again and again. I was very horny now that I slid off my knickers and wanted her to see me nude and wet.

To be contd….