Shedding inhibitions – part 4

I reached behind the shed a bit earlier than yesterday and sat there waiting for Sunita to join me. She came after a couple of minutes and we greeted ourselves with an expression that we had not shown before. It was intimate and full of care. We chit chatted a bit about Kavitha.

‘You know by now at least that I’m not into girls!’

‘It’s nothing about being into girls but just the fun’

‘Hush! Here she comes…’

Kavitha trotted up slowly and sat down on her spot looking around if anyone was near; this was just habit as the spot was completely secluded from prying eyes than our own. As we adjusted ourselves our bodies pressed close and dint feel any more awkward now.

Kavitha sat down and rubbed her boobs over her dress and slowly pulled down the skirt just above her knees so that she could be up in a jiffy if anybody was to trespass her haven. I just had on a pull down pants with no underwear under it and took out my cock.

Sunita turned back, ‘cocky already?’ she asked.

‘What should you wait for?’

‘Ewww… this is gross’ she whispered and pulled up her skirt. She also had no panties on today apparently keeping up to the pact that we shared yesterday that we masturbate outside her room and also do it together watching Kavitha masturbating.

Sunita was still not sure and barely touched her pussy, but still trying to do it. I watched closely as Kavitha sped up her pace and came too soon. She was not satisfied and gave a cooling time and inserted two fingers in her twat, the expression of her face showed that she was sensitive down there. She took her fingers out and smiled and now slowly inserted them in enjoying every millimeter that they went in. She closed her eyes and smiled at the pleasure. Though the first climax was too quick and even spoiled my mood, I knew the second one was going to be entirely different.


Kavitha felt less reserved that she began to moan out slowly as she dipped her fingers in her twat.

‘Oh! I can’t believe she is so…’ Sunita stopped herself as she turned and looked at me. I was so deep into myself pleasuring that I would cum anytime now. She started pleasuring herself too and watched her sister do it. Maybe it was that she too felt horny at the sight or because she got excited at me stroking myself. Sunita was quick to reach her climax; maybe she did so every time I thought. As Kavitha’s moanings became more audible, Sunita slushed her fingers deep in her wet pussy and crouched in pleasure. Two girls pleasuring themselves before me! I reached a hard point of no turning back and ejaculated on Sunita’s hands and sprayed the rest of my sperm away from her.

Kavitha snapped away a dry twig that she was holding on to as she climaxed hard. I had just recovered from my orgasm and saw Sunita looking at me.

‘This is just great! ‘She said pointing to the sperm that was on her dress and hands.

She took off her shirt, pulling it above her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra and as she lifted her arms I couldn’t but admire at the thick hair she had in her armpits, wild just like her pussy. She wiped off all the sperm on her hands and I noticed that while she took off her dress a bit was on her hair too.

I pointed it out and she began to wipe the strands. It just stuck on and unlike on her hands that was out in just a wipe. This just stayed on. Perfect time to get caught I thought. She was topless and I was still with my cock out and standing up close to each other.

The thought was too quick and I saw Kavitha come around the corner and actually snarl at us

He yelled out my name and then snarled harder at Sunita. It was bad enough getting caught spying on her and even worse getting caught in the state we were in. Busted! I thought and felt cold sweat.

Sunita covered herself with her crumbled up shirt and looked at me for support. I was skating on thin ice myself. If it was just Sunita, it would have been alright as they were sisters. But I was there and was the odd one out. I still hadn’t gathered myself up from that shock that my cock was still exposed and lanky and even dripping down a residual cum!

‘Were you… ‘Kavitha stopped mid way; she was embarrassed at the thought that we saw her in the act.

‘Were you… you…two…spying … ‘she was so angry that she dint finish it.

Sunita just looked down and I really wanted to help her. But how? Just then I realized what she had just asked us, were we spying! This was better in a way; anyone would have suspected us of having sex. It was even surprising that Kavitha did not suspect that. I thought she would imagine us getting overtly horny watching her and start having sex right there.

‘Yes!’ I told her on the face and she looked surprised and so was Sunita.

‘We saw you and spied on you and were so excited that we did our thing. I am to blame as Sunita just was giving me company. We just played with ourselves’. I did not know how I said all those and that too to Kavitha who was older than me, but I had to support Sunita.

‘I…’ started Sunita but Kavitha stamped her feet hard and looked at us again and ran off, feeling very angry.

‘Oh… you made her really angry and I’m sure she will tell our parents’

I felt bold somehow.

‘Tell them what? We spied on her playing with herself?’

Sunita looked relived now, ‘but what if she yells at me?’

‘I’m sure she won’t, she may not speak to you for a couple of days’

She was fine now and eased her shirt down.

‘Will we see again?’ I asked her

‘Yes… but not like this, you can come over like last night and we can still do our stuff’, she grinned and went to her house. I watched her as she turned the corner of the garden.

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