Shedding inhibitions – final

To make it all hard for us. Kavitha and Sunita were invited over for dinner. I had already skipped lunch after the morning’s incident and it was going to get worse if I skipped dinner too. The three of us were silent; usually it’s a babblesome three at dinner.

We hardly looked at each other. I glanced at Kavitha and she had the snarl hidden somewhere. Sunita smiled at me. We finished off dinner as fast as we could and as they were to stay the night with us we had no choice. Sunita and I went to watch TV with my parents and avoided Kavitha completely.

I knew that we had to talk, me and Sunita before we could get some sleep and waited for our parents to say their good nights. After the lights in the top storey was out we looked at each other, she looked absorbed in what happened in the morning. As soon as I was about to console her Kavitha came into the room and wanted to meet us in the store house.

We followed her and when at the house she took a seat and had us both standing. It was really precarious and I held out my hand and Sunita took hold of it, it was ice cold.

‘Ok! We all are to blame here and we did what is not considered clean, but its okay to masturbate.’

Hearing these words coming from Kavitha gave us a courage to look at her.

‘But what were you too doing? It’s not right to have sex when you are so young and that too cousins’

Sunita was quick to respond.

‘We dint, we just played with ourselves with no touching each other, and I just wanted to clear that out with you,

‘Oh! When did you two start with that?’

‘The day we saw you play in the bushes’ I spurted out. Kavitha looked red at the cheeks when I told her.

Sunita sneered ‘I know its naughty but it was fun too.’

‘And what you did?’ asked Kavitha still a bit shy to express herself.

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‘We never touched’ insisted Sunita ‘and we can prove that for you’

I looked at her in surprise. What did she really mean by that?

She took off all her clothes and stood naked in the room. I knew then that she was completely comfortable with her nakedness and liked to expose it somehow. Kavitha beamed in surprise and looked at me. I knew that a bit of encouragement would have Kavitha naked too. I made sure that the door was locked and stripped off all my clothes.

Kavitha stared at my erection and flitted with the end of her dress.

‘Now it’s your turn’ sneered in Sunita

‘Come now we have seen you’re… twat… already’

Kavitha hesitated for a moment and then slowly pulled up her shirt.

I could not believe my luck! She was a full rounded girl with marvelous boobs that sprung up as the dress was pulled away.

Wow! Sunita and I exclaimed! Kavitha blushed again and sort of hid her boobs with her hands. She was full grown and looked a woman.

‘That too’ Sunita pointed at her pants. Kavitha looked at me in a sort of assuring look.

‘You look perfect and we would just like to see you nude’ I added in.

My cock was so erect now that it almost touched Sunita who was standing next to me. Kavitha was still the prude and crossed her legs as she pulled out her pants. She took a bit more time and finally spread out her naked nests before us.

We all felt close now and I was truly in love with the naked full woman in front of me. The clock struck one and we all knew that this was not safe and arranged to meet at their house the next day. I felt too horny to go to bed but knew that it made sense.


The next day we were all prepared and tense at the same time. I was the first to get nude and liked as both of them watched me.

‘Don’t you think it’s big?’ asked Sunita and Kavitha nodded. She was much calmer now and in the mood. Sunita shed off her clothes and looked stunning in her dark pubic hair and youthful breasts. Kavitha was the last to strip and I could see that Sunita actually like to see her nude.

We were in Kavitha’s room and soon got on to her queen sized bed. We all laughed and felt really close as we told Kavitha all the fun that we had and I cuming in Sunita’s hand.

Well that would be fun she said and we all played with ourselves. Both of the girls were eyeing my cock and as I masturbated It was a heightened level as they looked at me masturbating and waiting to be splattered with my cum. They also played with themselves slowly. It was a treat for my eyes and I soon got a boner seeing them play with themselves.

We did it again and we lied closer to each other touching our bodies and finally Kavitha holding my dick and splattering my cum on Sunita. That was so exciting and they booked holding my dick for the next day.

We went on touching each other and never crossed the limit. Well the girls got to masturbate me and had a good time taking turns making me reach the height and then shifting hands. I came on them in huge loads and we still do so.

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