Shedding inhibitions – part 3

She looked beautiful in the dim light. As I crept over to her she signaled me to be silent. I knew exactly what she meant. Kavitha slept in the adjoining room with just a wall separating them. We had to muffle down any sounds that escaped us.

‘We did it!’ I whispered and she smiled back.

‘Ready for your surprise?’ She asked me and took off the blanket that she held over her and took off her shirt. Without even a pause for thought she wiggled off her night pants too to her ankles and finally off her legs. I stared in wonderment at her beauty. She was not as rounded as Kavitha but had had and well formed breasts and her pubic hair was unshaved and wild. The night was dark and the night lamp being in the far end of the room was just dim or bright enough to succinctly show her nakedness.

She actually liked me taking in all her beauty and had no tint of shyness in showing me her nakedness.

‘What next?’ she asked me

‘Umm… well….’ I gulped down. I had not even half imagined she would strip off completely naked before me and never even thought what we would do once in her room! All my thought was on how I would come over to her place without anyone knowing. This question took me by surprise.

I took off my shirt and pulled down my pants, she watched me playing with the curls of her pubic hair. I was finally naked and I had a quick hard on.

She shifted a bit on her bed making space for me to sit down by her legs. I felt awkward being naked with her. It was so awkward and yet so exciting to sit on her bed with her naked next to me.

She was already playing with her pussy as I sat down and stroked myself. As we eased down our legs crisscrossed and I felt her warmth. Though I stroked slow I was enthralled at this chance as I had never masturbated along with a girl and never been totally naked with another girl. This was so exciting.

Sunita was totally horny with all the anticipation that she kept to herself throughout the day that she started playing fast and really went on with it with her pussy. Her boobs wiggled as she played with herself and I wished we had a better lighting. But this was cool enough and I took in all the excitement and stroked myself slowly.


Sunita’s face contorted and she swayed her hips extending her legs that occasionally rubbed against my crotch. She was not doing that purposefully as I saw that she was immersed with her pleasure and this was just a voluntary reaction. I knew she was going to orgasm and I’ve never seen that before. I was so overcome by this that I even stopped stroking myself. She was now in full sway and caught hold of my leg, tightening her grip as her orgasm built up slowly. The grip tightened harder than before and she jerked up in bed and that was it.

She still kept her hand on her pussy and looked at me.

‘Wow! That was fast!’ I said

‘I was really in the mood from morning.’

I started stroking myself again.

‘I liked it when you came in the garden.’ She told me.

‘I liked it coming in your hands; that was totally awesome’. It was hard keeping a conversation while masturbating.

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‘How do you cum?’

‘You mean where?’


‘Oh!  On myself, on my bed, in the sink, a towel, I guess it depends on where I do it,

‘I can cum nicely if I’m totally alone and relaxed.’ She said as she stroked herself again.

‘When do you do it?

‘I do it every day’, she gasped and pushed in two fingers in her wet pussy.

We were silent for a while as we were totally into it and knew that we would cum anytime now. I was in ecstasy as I saw her rising up in her mood again. She lifted up her body and her pussy gave of the scent of her sweet piss.

Her moans were uninhibited now but kept down low enough.

I knew it would be even better if I could keep her talking as it was sexy when she talked in a raspy voice and gasped between short phrases.

‘Where do you do it?’

She was silent for some time and then slowly told, ‘Oh! Here, mostly…’

The Oh! At the start was actually a moan and I just loved it.

‘You need to find a different place’

‘I would love to’

Her body tensed and shivered a bit and she stopped touching herself. Her breaths were deep and fast and she eased down her body then shivered again and rolled off to her side digging her hand deep in her crotch. This was just what I could hold on and climaxed, spurting my sperm on my legs and on her bed.

When I opened my eyes she was looking at my ejaculate and quite pleased with it.

‘More than what came in the morning!’ she exclaimed.

‘Yes! Sure, I was so excited at what you did.’

‘We should do this again.’

‘Everyday’, I told her.

‘It’s just something when you masturbate in front of another person, I like being watched by you, she said.

‘I never dreamt of that but it sure is exciting’

‘Tomorrow?’ She asked me again

‘Why don’t we do it watching Kavitha?’

‘Ewww that’s gross’, she grinned.

Our legs were still on top of each other and just a hairline ahead of crossing the limits. I got off the bed and put on my clothes. I loved the way she grabbed her blanket and hid her naked body, it was so feminine.

As I slowly shut her door, she called out, ‘you know the time! Be there.’

I smiled and crept back home not in a mood to skirt off like before. I felt clear in my mind and totally clammy after coming so much. A well relaxed sleep and I’m sure I smiled.

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