Shedding inhibitions – part 2

This was as exciting as it could get. A girl really asking me to let her watch me masturbate! I stroked my already lank cock and it came to life with an instant boner. I took it slow again thinking of Kavitha and her shaved pussy and every time getting heated up at the tandem thought that Sunita was pleased and excited at seeing me jerk off before her.

I closed my eyes and slowed down taking occasional glances at her. She was totally focused on the motions of my cock and gulped down her anticipation, eager to see me cum, I liked her looking at me and waiting for me to cum and slowed down a bit more just to play her.

‘… Can you do it in my hands?’ She asked me and that was like a catalyst to my emotions. I had never thought of cuming into a girl’s hands even in my wildest dreams and not at all in my cousin’s hands! I was embarrassed when it all began but all the elements that this day presented before us were finally acting on us. The voyeuristic experience on us spying on our elder cousin playing with herself, the almost solitary nature of the scene and the childish yet naughty act that we were indulging in right now, it was like a ‘coming of age’ excitement that we shared.

I looked at her as she cupped her hands. I stroked myself harder and she looked anxious. I thought that I might last a bit longer and even thought it over in my mind whether to cum in her hands, we were still cousins! But then there had to be a culmination to this act. I had to cum! And if I was excited as she was at the thought, then why not do it?

I ejaculated even before I could stop me and missed the cup! The first squirt went on her shirt and then the next on high on her arms. I just dint want to get my cum on her face or hair and lowered my erect penis and shot it again on her shirt. The shorter ones fell n her hands and she held her hands tight. Even though she winced as my sperm fell on her body, she did not move back and just waited for me to fill her hands.

‘Oh! That is a lot!’ she exclaimed, and held it like she just got a gift on her birthday.


The embarrassment that I felt at first had completely gone off and now it was something intimate between us. I felt it and could see that in her. She smiled at me thankfully for letting her share and be a part of my very private moment.

The way she looked at me showed a hint that she wanted to ask me something. I was elated at the experience I had and felt very lethargic.

‘…Do you do this every day?’ she finally asked me.

‘Yes almost’ I replied frankly and at the same time being surprised that I told her that without having a second thought.

‘Do you want to do it again?’ I asked her feeling excited at the thought even though I just had cum in a torrent.

‘Will you let me? I hope you liked it’

‘It was just amazing and yes I will let you’


Tonight! I thought it over in my mind. This place was perfect! We could get turned on by watching Kavitha and then I could let her watch me cum just in front of her. This was our haven and we could do it here every day but house? And that too in the nighttime? There could be many prying eyes and we could also get caught.

‘Come over to my place, I’ll leave the front door unlocked.’

Well that seemed like a good enough proposition as her parents were out for a weekend.

‘Please, I’ll show you something’… she teased

‘Okay!’ I finally agreed. The thought of getting caught and the element of surprise looping over and over in my mind. I was also feeling too sleepy to think over the consequences now and just agreed.

I watched her as she got up and went to the garden tap to wash of the c um from her body and just looked at her in my semi dazed and semi clad condition that I was in. She pointed at her watch from the distance reminding me of our secret meeting. I went off and had a very relaxing sleep.

Night came and I was getting excited as the light dimmed over the high skies. I went off to bed not at all feeling sleepy. Maybe because I slept of the whole morning and throughout the noon or because of what lay before me just moments away. I waited in bed till all the sounds died down and all the lights were off.

I crept out of bed and down the stairs. My heart bet out loud as though h it would wake up the rest of the people in the house. I felt elated as I shirted the hallway and finally down the garden and upto her porch. She had left the door unlocked and I tiptoed up and finally reached her room.

The night lamp was still on in her room and greeted me with a grin through the chink below her door. I went in and she was on bed lying down and just as excited as I was.  She sat up in bed as I went in and latched the door shut, a drop of sweat dropping down my body.

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