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  • Shruti
    22 yrs old
    Speaks: English, Hindi, Marathi
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Sunny Leone Version: “Ek pardesi meri BR@ legaya, jate jate, mitha mitha, DOODH pi gaya. jane anjane mujhe pata na chala, dhire dhire khud ki MALAI de gaya.........

About Me

Hi i am shruti I am interesting in cute cool guy to do some masti My figure is very sexy Skin tone is. Very white like milky , please note that I am just a phone call away! I won't just give you amazing phone sex, I will also give you my expert advice on anything you need my help with. Promise! :) I am a big nerd, I read (sporadically) and observe a lot. I am very philosophical and open minded which makes me a great conversationalist. So if you are looking for brains and substance, stop right there! I am here just for you for as long as you like. x

Roles & Interests

I could be your dream girl to night Im known for giving out sane advises. Someone you can talk to and find a friend in. I have the gift of the gab, can talk about literally everything under the sun. Try me ! - awesome at phone sex too. Just too shy to admit, not sure why I lied. I suck at sex talks.

What other callers said about me

  • 3 weeks ago   Mohan30  
      She is awesome. She knows what man needs. You explain what you need, she will take care of the rest.
  • 3 weeks ago   Samy219  
      She’s amazing
  • 4 weeks ago   hotbun88  
      Wow!!..Shruti has amazing voice. She is best story teller and it takes very few minutes for her to make someone comfortable. My best experience ... I am gonna have more sessions with her.
  • 1 month ago   Prince_Aby  
      She is the love of my life. She is damn good person who really means what she says. She is very romantic and sexy like hell. She will make you reach your climax like damn hot.
  • 4 months ago   rajguy143  
      shruti is good in listening, what boys needs she provides the same things.. she is too romantic and hot sexy also
  • 4 months ago   Leetkid007  
  • 5 months ago   meetmhere32  
      Shruti is not only good at sex talk but she got this talent of being a natural conversationalist which makes every call with her special. Thanks Shruti. I come here only for her.

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