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    24 yrs old
    Speaks: English, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi
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Bhabhi devar, insest, student teacher etc. I also speak Bengali, Bhojpuri,Gujarati,Punjabi,oriya,urdu and Marwari

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  • 007utk  
  • jiofreed  
      She was accomodating and encouraging of my requests
  • Amittyagi  
      She is really nice to talk with. Felt like my very own. Sexy voice with nice sense of everything. And she can speak tons of languages fluently. Hats off for this capability. Love you ???
  • tpass  
      very lovely voice. makes you feel uou are talking to bindaas girl friend.
  • Sonalicool00  
  • Kdakhan  
  • hunk_richie  
      Great girl, makes you feel as if you are talking to your gf.. Wanted to talk more but the website is not connecting the call..

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