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  • Age:21 Years

  • Languages:English, Hindi, Urdu

  • City: Bhopal

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How I feel today

Coming after a long time. I am Queen of roleplays with detailed stories n scenes. I promise to make your fantasies me for nasty roleplays and hot erotic chilly fun!

About Me

Hi! My name is Sakina. I am a bold but delicate girl born in a conservative family.But I am a rebel. I am a bird who wishes to stay out of cage and do not fear to spread my wings and shed feathers (in front of any bull) when I am turned on. I am sensuous, sexy,bubbly, cheerful, friendly. I like getting cuddled but go mad at the thought of being rubbed, crushed and groped by men who are hungry, hunk and behave as bulls. I am crazy for men who are rough and wild. Every man has that dog, that animal in him which howls and I don't mind being bitch for such dogs. I like it when guys use me in their bed as a s*ut. I believe why should boys have all the fun when we girls have the holes and ways to heaven!


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What other callers said about me

  • 4 weeks ago   pkpk8  
      She is Awesome . We never forget if you speak with her.What an amazing experience...Thank you darling...will call you soon
  • 5 months ago   Omjee  
      Passionate and outstanding conversation grateful to listen her divine words
  • 5 months ago   Seanf2090  
      She is proficient and well spoken in english. Not the usual baby talk, but proper grown up adult conversation english. Talks like a real human being:). Doesn\'t false flatter. And she slowly melds the conversation towards a kinky angle. Knowns how to please her man. One of the few here providing the \"wow\" factor.
  • 7 months ago   raghav  
      She is my favourite girl nobody is best then her, she is special for me. I enjoyed talking to her every-time.
  • 1 year ago   iamryangreg  
      Sakina is mesmerizing , mind blowing , marvellous and sublime. A good and understandable person , so good of a conversationalist. It doesn\'t matter who you are, she is intelligent enough to listen to you. Attentive , commanding voice and a good friend. Limitless.
  • 1 year ago   bigcock7  
  • 1 year ago   Vicky26  
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