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If winter comes, can spring be far behind? I am Queen of roleplays with detailed stories n scenes. I promise to make your fantasies lively.......................call me for nasty roleplays and hot erotic chilly fun!

About Me

Hi! My name is Sakina. I am a bold but delicate girl born in a conservative family.But I am a rebel. I am a bird who wishes to stay out of cage and do not fear to spread my wings and shed feathers (in front of any bull) when I am turned on. I am sensuous, sexy,bubbly, cheerful, friendly. I like getting cuddled but go mad at the thought of being rubbed, crushed and groped by men who are hungry, hunk and behave as bulls. I am crazy for men who are rough and wild. Every man has that dog, that animal in him which howls and I don't mind being bitch for such dogs. I like it when guys use me in their bed as a s*ut. I believe why should boys have all the fun when we girls have the holes and ways to heaven!

Roles & Interests

If you are looking for a friend to find her shoulder, if your spirits are little damp, if you wish to cheer up, if you feel you are lost in life.....pick up the phone and call me, I will provide you the healing therapy. I am a professional in mind psyche in addition to being a naughty girl. I believe in cognitive therapy. So dont hesitate to reach me for that too. I love to do diversified roles which are set in detailed stories carved out to match your fantasy. From blinking of eyelid to sensations of breath catching extasy, I like to emphasise on each detail that will elevate your mood to heaven. Some of my roles include that of stepdaughter with father, secretary with her boss, Bhabhi with her devar, newly married with her neighbour, politician with her party boss, prisoner in jail, girl not able to pay rent, bar-dancer and the list continues.... I also love to do quick sessions on call just like one night stands with complete strangers.

What other callers said about me

  • Butt65  
       Wow! That was really fun. She was totally hot and into my particular fantasy. Give her a call and treat her nice
  • Butt65  
      Wonderful girl
  • sajhunk01  
      She is fabulous. She is brilliant with her imaginations and understands you well. I had an amazing time with her and definitely she gonna be my only choice here. :) I am in love with her voice. She is sexy and intelligent, I believe a very rare combination to find here.
  • arunkumar  
      lovely lovely time i had with this energetic girl. You were awesome and took me to a different world. Thank u so much sakina. will cum back. tc
  • Omjee  
      Passionate and outstanding conversation grateful to listen her divine words
  • Seanf2090  
      She is proficient and well spoken in english. Not the usual baby talk, but proper grown up adult conversation english. Talks like a real human being:). Doesn\'t false flatter. And she slowly melds the conversation towards a kinky angle. Knowns how to please her man. One of the few here providing the \"wow\" factor.
  • raghav  
      She is my favourite girl nobody is best then her, she is special for me. I enjoyed talking to her every-time.

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