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    28 yrs old
    Speaks: English, Hindi, Malayalam
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Hello, my name is Rubina. I am 28 yrs old from female from Kerala. I love literature mainly fiction, erotica, they are all so enticing. When you talk to me, I want you to speak without any inhibitions. Role play is my thing. I love to play roles that are adventurous, exciting, sexual. I like chatting with new people. Let's keep each other company and have unlimited fun while we are at it. I am going to make your time memorable. Want to talk to me, hear my sexy voice, call me. I am just a phone call away. The topics we can discuss are endless. I read a lot in my spare time. Always eager to learn about culture, scientific advances. Love watching home videos, may it be about gardening, science experiments, cooking, beauty and wellness related blogs. I believe in living life to its fullest. No need to be wound up with sexual frustration. when you have so many ways to explore and discover pleasure in new ways even beyond limited imagination. The beauty of two anonymous people getting to talk can work wonders, broaden your minds reach. And the thrill of secret chats over the phone is so much accelerating. It is the secrecy that creates euphoria.....a rush... there is nothing like it. You will love gossip, Bollywood, romance,, sexy chat of course but some of my personal secrets also which may amaze you I am a modern, mature, bold girl. PIaying the field, love to flirt, travel. Friendship with me is a package for u. As I never demand and I never complaint. I am a giver in more ways than a receiver. I seek pleasure from arousing my male partner and I know ways to do just that. i am very thoughtful , have so many crazy ideas to apply during sex You will love it. I love to moan loud when we do some hot stuff; I will make you so hard...I want you to ride me to oblivion. Call me now, I wanna talk to you soo bad. Waiting for you I am young , fun and have maaany sexual energy. I am just 22 and have a really firm and tight body. I love touching myself, but I love touching you more. Do you like to touch yourself? Do want to touch me? Ooh baby.. touch me in my sweetest spots. I want you to kiss me there. Aao mujhe papiii do waha

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Hello, my name is Rubina. I am 28 yr old from kerala. Would love to unrestricted conversations. Whatever role play you have in mind, i have the right thing for you. I like chatting with new people. Let\\\'s keep each other company and have unlimited fun while we are at it.

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