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  • status-offline Shruti
    22 yrs old
    Speaks: English, Hindi, Marathi

What other callers said about me

  • Meet_0292  
      She is the best operator here I come here only for her
  • Abhi_27  
      Best girl here to speak with. She takes my name with a lot of love and is a best conversationalist. Thanks to her.
  • N138b  
      Sex is an art and Shruti is an artist
  • Samy219  
      She’s amazing
  • rajguy143  
      shruti is good in listening, what boys needs she provides the same things.. she is too romantic and hot sexy also
  • meetmhere32  
      Shruti is not only good at sex talk but she got this talent of being a natural conversationalist which makes every call with her special. Thanks Shruti. I come here only for her.
  • Ashshah  
      So sweet and so cute.. I could just listen to her voice all night long if I could.. She is a pleasant girl with right flavor of naughtiness.. I\'m sure everyone will be lucky to enjoy some time with her
  • Ashshah  
      Sweet awaj tashich sweet personality and naughty tar ahech
  • darknyt27  
      Very sweeeet. I have spoken to her many times, bu everytime i speak to her again, she is so damn cute that she always makes me go crazy. She always makes sure that i feel comfortable and always engages me in a conversation that you’ll definitely love which infact makes her special and different from others. I always tell this, her voice is so sexy that people go crazy and i am addicted talking to her. On this site, I only wait for her to come online so that i can talk to her. It’s always a pleasure talking to her.
  • hornynhard1234  
      Although the connection was bad at my end, she made the day with hot talk on her own!! Enjoyed the time with her ;)
  • Starlord123  
      She’s awesome, her moans and her ideas are so sexyyy
  • Vinfun  
      Hello Shruti ....loved it here with you.. Vin
  • hedonica1  
      wow !! Great imagination .. Best in the business . Very subtle not too loud. Understanding .. PRofessional and makes a very very good friend.
  • manoj007  
      she is nice bold great heart. she is only one I like to talk
  • johannes  
      Very nice
  • Sam450  
      Wow she is very good and horney.....
  • manoj007  
  • Kush1612  
      Amazing too good. Have a lovely voice
  • arunkumar  
      wow, superb girl, so sweet with lovely talk. she made me so hot in minutes. thk u so much Shruti
  • rd1822  
      She is simply superb. What an amazing experience I had . Open to speak . Guys please try it . Am so happy.
  • Karan77  
  • darknyt27  
      It’s mindblowing, she is really awesome. Spoke to her multiple times and she is pretty awesome. Her voice is so damn good that i got addicted to her. Really loving talking to her!
  • Rrrfish  
      She was real hot
  • San94221  
      She was amazing. I liked her lovely voice & plan to stay with her everynight.
  • meetmhere32  
      I dont even count how many times i come here only to check is Shruti is online and if she is i only go for her. She is the most amazing girl i have met here. No one like her.
  • Samloren98  
      She is the Best, She is the only reason Why I visit this site
  • meetmhere32  
      She is the most hottest girl with the most seductive voice. Just love talking dirty to her.
  • Kush1612  
      She was amazing
  • Gouravkumar  
      She is amazing!
  • akashiseijuro9  
      It was great talking to you, such a wonderful girl....
  • Samloren98  
      too cute...too babylicious
  • Rockyrddy  
      She is great in whatever way she is doing thanks for coming online everyday
  • rd1822  
      What can I say . Shruti is one of the best girl that you could talk to. \"NOT GREEDY\".. for anything.. P.S Shruti I feel like having a conversation with you always .. She adopts your situation.. And then it\'s a surprise ...the best that I could get .. YOU ARE SO SEXY .. Waiting to talk to you again..
  • Himanshu 101  
      Sexy voice
  • humaradesh  
      I can literally talk to her for hours. She provides an amazing GFE experience.
  • Hath  
  • humaradesh  
      She is the best I had on this site. Very sexy and sweet. She would always be my first choice.
  • Samloren98  
      excellent worth repeat..
  • Looking for fun  
  • kingfish.priya2  
      had a nice time, really enjoyed
  • Aditya_agrawal73  
      Such a great women loved her talk
  • Prasath982  
      Too cute and sweet girl. She mesmerises with her innocent voice and drives an engaging conversation
  • Dheeraj gowda  
      She is very good by heart and good girl to talk with
  • kingfish.priya2  
      Really nice talking to her, sweet and sexy voice. Very open minded. Great overall experience.
  • Horny18189808  
      She is amazing
  • Fuckubitch  
      She is a must and a best amongst the lot
  • Shoaibsam   
      She got awesome voice and romantic voice anyone get in pleasure to have sex
  • darknyt27  
      She is really awesome and it feels like you are in a different world all over.
  • aashish  
      shes easy to talk with and can get you going really fast pleasant voice,un embarrassed to discuss anything with you.even shared her experiences and fantasies quite frankly, she\'s simple but sensual in an innocent sexy way. loved spending time with her. thanks Shruti.
  • farjidhandha  
      Very sexy and very good... amazing time spent
  • numb.silent  
      she is sooo cute and so adorable ! great voice... good way of talking ... simply loved it
  • sstampf  
      Very cute and genuine. Quite different from others in a good way. Would love talking to her again.

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