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    20 yrs old
    Speaks: English, Hindi, Bengali
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Hey hotties....u can share ur deep, stealthy, filthy fantasy with me. i can be your gf,girl nex door , seductress and what not, so pick tht phone n give me a call to fulfill them.

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Hy guys Maya here I was born in Kolkata. I'm a bengali slut who always thrusty for big dicks. I love oral and anal , roleplay fun and naughty dirty toilet sex and yes I can play slave for you. If you want to get ur dick harder then put into my mouths baby, love from Maya

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I am a born hottie, love being dominated in bed, kinky girl with all new fantasy and roleplays I love doing role plays like incest(mom-son,cousin,bhabhi,aunty,sister,daughter),stranger, office colleagues,couple.I love doing anal and doggy....mere mote gand h ar mummr v bht bade h aao na darling chhod do muaaahhh ??

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