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    20 yrs old
    Speaks: English, Hindi, Urdu
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Hello sweetheart. My name is Karishma from Lucknow.I'm looking for some good friends here just like I'm on the pornhub looking how a plumber repairs the sink...!!!! Jokes apart, If you are looking for a woman who is loving and fun to be, may be I am the one.I would love a man who will take me in the country woods and make love to me on the green grass. Apart from lovemaking, I also enjoy listening to good music, cooking and watching movies. Call me and I will surprise you with my new side. am out to get a sweet man to treat me like a doll. I basically want someone I can try new things with. Could you be that man? just call me. It’d be great to hear from you.

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  • mmak2703   
      She will make all your fantasies come true, most beautiful Voice.
  • mmak2703   
      She is the best
  • darknyt27  
      She is awesome. One of the best girls here. She fulfills all your dreams and make you go crazy. Definitely gonna talk to her again and again. I had a beautiful experience with her.
  • Raj_world  
      she was the best of lot here
  • Ranveer@1  
      nice girl know how to interact n take the conversation forward, had a great time with her
  • Srv161  
      Raksha! Is one of a kind girl I have met here.. she is just amazing.. she knows how to converse and engage you in a conversation.. you would not feel that you just met.. you would feel you know her for ages.. And btw she has got a really nice voice a hot one ;)
  • Rockyrddy  
      Holy shit this girl can do wonders man Am completely addicted to her The way she engages herself into the character is just unique Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for listening to me

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