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Hi I'm Eve, the first woman that God created and yes I am a temptress. I live in the city of dreams that is Mumbai. I love to party and dance the night away. I also love long walks on the beach and heart to heart conversations. I am a simple girl with a huge appetite for sex. All I want to do is suck cock. I love giving blow jobs and my favourite part is swallowing your cum. I'm sexy, intelligent and horny so it will be a bumpy ride with me. I love BDSM and role play so you can also go extreme with me. I love to be a submissive or a dominatrix, whichever one you want. I'm a slave for you baby... I'm an experienced lover and know exactly where to put my mouth... If you don't want to talk about sex then I can be your life coach, sex guru or advisor. I give good advice if you need to make a decision or if you just need someone to listen to you. I am well-versed with life and fluent in English and Psychology so if you need someone to talk to, just pick up your phone and call me. I promise you one time you speak to me you will ask for more and I will always be here for you. So, call me for relationship advice, a heart to heart conversation or just downright dirty sex, I can handle all of that!!

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Talk to me baby, tell me your deepest darkest desires!!!

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  • numb.silent  
      Met someone very interesting After a long time ! Someone who can have a lovely conversation, coz its not only the voice its the person first ! Glad to have met you here
  • rahulhp1986  
      Amazing experience
  • Saurabh l  
      Very hot talk

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