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I am back with more erotic entertainment. More excitement on ur way. Connect with me now.

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I am your sexy bitch Anwesha. I have it all to entertain you all my hot boys. I can become your sexy teacher and give you classes on romance and dirty sex my baby students. I am also available to for all love guru support for every kind of relationships. I have experience in first night sex advice, how to convince your girl friend to suck ur dick on a date, how to make relationship with your sexy bhabhi. Are you getting married and don't know what to do on ur first night....ha ha don't worry baby...I am here to make your first night the craziest night ever. Discuss your sex problems , I am an expert to help you get erected soon....muuuuaaahhh

Roles & Interests

Hi, I am your sexy anwesha, let\'s make the voice chat more realistic with sexy moaning and hot topics. I am expert in playing various roleplay, no matter. You gotta just tell me which one do you like the most. I can be ur night friend or your day companion. You will always get a good friend in me and also sexy friend that comes with benefits. Let\'s connect with each other and see where it goes. Your Anwesha.

What other callers said about me

  • Hurricane2001  
      She was very hot
  • Aman91221  
      She picked up the call but didn’t talk as I could hear everything at the back.
  • tk4260  
      Sexiest voice I heard till date very hot and to calm to handle every situation
  • pr_4  
      Sexy voice with nice experience..make me cum in just a minute.
  • Payalhug  
      She is very very hot! her voice and her style is awesome
  • RX0000  
  • rit359  

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