Shedding inhibitions


All vacations for me had a perfect plan that never changed and that was visiting my cousins Kavitha and Sunita. Kavitha was older than me but Sunita was my age and we had a lot in common. While Kavitha put on an elder sister attitude, Sunita and I played around and got along very well. Their house is just a block away and I liked going there as it had vast expanses- perfect to play Hide and Seek.

Usually it’s me who goes to visit them but one day I was surprised to see Sunita at my house. She had a rushed about mind when she came over.

‘Quick! Get dressed up. I’ve something to show you!’

When I got dressed she dragged me along to her house and we hid behind the old shed. I thought it was a bird or something of that sort when she put her finger on my lips and hushed me. I heard footsteps on the dry leaves. They were kind of weary and methodical. She put her finger on my mouth again and hushed me. It was Kavitha! She looked around and walked right in front of us.

Our hiding place was perfect as it gave a full glance of the garden. Kavitha had on her a skirt, which was very unusual as she always wore conservative clothing and I just thought for the first time how ravishing she was. Though her nakedness was succinct, it was enough to get my imagination going.

Kavitha walked into the unkempt bush and was partially hidden. Sunita beckoned me to look closer. As I did so my crotch pressed hard against her. She did not mind it, neither did I as I was eager to know what she was trying to show me.

Kavitha looked around to be sure she was alone and slowly lifted her skirt and started to rub her twat. I was spell bound. How could she do that in the open! But then I knew that it was the perfect place she could use. It was well hidden and she could stop anytime that she wanted to as the land was a little high there.

Her pussy was shaved and smooth. She closed her eyes as she started to slowly masturbate.

‘Ewww…’ Sunita complained and I knew that my hard on was touching her now. I couldn’t move as we were in a precarious situation, a slight movement would topple the empty paint cans in the corner and we would be caught!

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‘Sorry, but I can’t move’. Sunita and I were really close and we talked about sex at times. Kavitha was the prude and I thought her to be the tight type. But what she as doing here was completely un-Kavitha. Why did she play with herself in the open? Did it stimulate her? Whatever, but my erection was getting harder now and so was my embarrassment.

Kavitha took it slow and seemed to be enjoying every bit. What surprised me even more was that Sunita dint complain about my erection touching her. It seemed like she was totally okay with that. We watched silently as Kavitha masturbated in her sweet spot. She fastened her pace and then moaned out softly. She was now at full speed and she shivered a bit and then lifted her head upwards. She had stopped playing with herself and was now just massaging her twat. She spasmed a couple of times and then seemed to b pleased with herself.

It was my first time that I saw a girl masturbate and it was just great. The only thing that was worrying was that she was my cousin. But what a show! More intriguing was the fact that Sunita had seen it before and loved watching it. If I seeing her was bad then this was worse.

Kavitha straightened her dress and briskly walked back home. Sunita grinned at me.

‘How was the show?’ She asked be backing off from my erection. I was still erect and gulped before I asked her.

‘ I don’t know what to tell, how did you know about this?’


‘Well, I just stumbled upon the scene and I thought you would love to see it for yourself, she does that every day.’

I pressed hard on my erection to bring it down so that it was not so apparent to Sunita but the bulge prevailed and all my coaxing just made it worse.

‘You little perv!’ she hissed at me’ you would just love to do it right here don’t you’

I sneered back at her through my embarrassment, ‘you are the one who’s spying on people here.’

‘Ok! So I’ve watched her and it wouldn’t be bad if…’

She blushed before finishing the sentence. I looked at her and realized that she also turned me on. She also had a well bloomed body and the scene that we watched just a minute ago seemed to make us really horny.

‘If…’ I repeated

‘If… if.. I saw you…’

I was so horny by now that I actually wanted her to see my pen is and yanked off my pants. Her shy smile faded away and she was staring in astonishment at my cock.

‘I want to see you too’

‘Not here, not now, I can’t do that in the open like her, but I promise you that you will be reciprocated’

With that I stroked my penis slowly. The mood caught on fast, doing it in front of a girl and that too one who hasn’t ever seen one do it. My mind reeled back Kavitha’s masturbation and I slowed down and stopped masturbating as I dint want this to end soon.

‘What happened?’ she asked rather unhappy.

‘If I do it I will cum’

‘Go ahead; I want to see you cum.’


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