Swapna’s hot experience

Swapna was lucky to get an accommodation as a paying guest a bit near to her workplace. The landlord was an elderly man and his wife who lived alone. They were quite happy to let her in as she was a charming girl. They even cooked a meal now and then for her. Within a month they were quite close. Their sons lived away from them but kept good contact.

Swapna was 21 and a loner. She had just a close circle of friends but she liked to be alone and left by herself with her dreams. The accommodation that she had was just what she wanted. There was also an expanse of estate ground in the backyard. She spent her leisure time there with a book and was her haven.

A row of holidays was around the corner and she had a long weekend coming. The landlord also had made plans and was going to visit their family. Swapna was just delighted to have the whole house for herself. She went up to the gate to see them off and locked the gate from the outside and slipped in through the back gate. To anyone from the outside it looked as if the house was unoccupied. It was almost dusk now.

She took a long warm bath and stepped out of the bathroom clad in just her towel.  Drying her hair, she stepped over to the window. The lights were all out and the estate grounds looked almost enchanting. She thought of taking a stroll in the night and took her gown off the hanger then she stopped, why not go out in the nude? She thought and smiled at herself at the thought.

Though she was all be herself and the house vacant, she blushed as she went down the stairs. The night was clear and except for the hoot of the owl and the chirpy crickets, everything else was asleep. She walked over to her usual spot by the big tree. The cool wind already had her body cold and with goosebumps. Her nipples also perked up in the cold. She lay on the wet grass and shuddered as the cold dew touched her but got comfortable and watched the countless stars in the sky.

She slowly felt her boobs and it was accentuated by the play of light, not that she was not well endowed. Her body responded promptly at her touch and it spread warmth where she touched spreading out slowly over her lovely mound and perking up her nipples even more. She felt them and they were hard. She slowly tweaked them between her fingers and loved the sensation. As she became even more aroused her legs parted by themselves. She could feel the cold against her pubes.

She slowly moved her hand down and curled up her lush curs of pubic hair. She moved lower still and was quickly welcomed by her clit sticking out like a small nub through her hood.  Her lips were sopping wet and trickling down her wetness. She played with her soft slit with slow strokes but the sensation was too much for her. A soft touch at her clit sent out a wave of pleasure through her that she wanted to moan out. She bit her lips to control herself.

This was not usual, she thought to herself, this was fast and if she did not stall, she would cum any minute now.  This moment in the night was so wonderful and she dint want to cum fast and the moment to end. She closed her legs closer and choked the throbbing in her pussy. She lay still for a moment not touching her body as it quieted down.

She had touched herself many times before but this was somehow intense. Her fingers were still wet from her love juice and the trickle down there was still flowing. Her mind was filled with a lot of thoughts all arousing her even more. She touched her breasts again, the moistness in her fingers now dried up like milk powder. It almost made her jolt in pain as it brushed against her soft nipples. She reached down and swooped up some wetness from her pussy and spread it on her boobs and lubed them up and softly played again. Her nipples perked up again and she was soon in a good mood moaning out slowly into the night.

She felt her pussy again; it was slick with fresh wetness. She could hear her heart beat loud enough now and closed her eyes. She played with her slit avoiding touching directly on her pussy to take it slow. It was so nice and she flashed a smile on her face. The rhythm hit he soon and she reached a peak of arousal soon. She wiggled her legs like a wave and moaned out a bit louder, but still keeping it well under check. She could not hold out any longer and dipped her fingers in her pussy. A wave spread out fast over her body and she gave out a louder moan not able to control herself. Amid squelching sounds and waves spreading up her body she played with her boobs also. She felt her eyes closing as the arousal deepened. She would cum any moment now and she dint want to cum fast. She tried to stop herself from pleasuring herself but could not; she couldn’t even slow down and finally give in to her craving. With small shouts of pleasure she kept the pace of pleasuring herself and shuddered. With a cry of relief she felt her pussy squirt out her juices and a heady feeling ht her. She gasped out at the release of pleasure which came again and again.

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