A tale of two sisters

My results for my Bachelors had just come and I was thrilled! Not only on the score that I received but also due to the fact that I could go to Mumbai for my PG. I was kind of getting land locked in Kerala and dreamed of a change! Babes, nightlife and all that stuff! The campus was awesome and I could also get an accommodation fast!

I’m not the geeky type but I’m also not one that slunks on my studies either. It was towards the finals of the first year that I noticed that my peers had a negative effect on my studies. The only wise thing to do was not to become a back-bencher any more. When I shifted places I got a seat near Suchitra, well, she was a pretty a bit above the average girl but was my type. We got along well together, the only problem was that some of the guys told me that she was a little ‘forward’. This didn’t keep me away from her as we did a good job in studies and my scores went up.

With the vacations up, I stayed away from going home and my accommodation was an empty house with just a few of us left behind and all the others going to their town ans villages. I got a vacation job at a diner and I loved it.

One day I got a call from Suchithra to go over to her place for dinner. I had the weekend arranged for that and was quite looking forward to it. I took a bunch of flowers and rang the doorbell. Sunita opened the door with a warm smile. She was Suchitra’s younger sister who was also good looking as my friend. I had ogled at her silently whenever she came into the college canteen.

She was about to leave to get some drinks, I suddenly realized that I was much early than I was anticipated, I was somehow eager in meeting up with Suchithra. After she left Sucithra and I weer on the couch and thought of watching TV while we waited for her sister to return. Her father was abroad and her mom was busy shopping for the dinner.

Having browsed almost all chanells and finding nothing worth watching, we stopped at some horror movie that was half way through. He scenes were done in silence with a sharp sound playing just to startle you for no apparent reason! I got her snuggling close to me as the scenes became scarier. She sat very close to me and I could alost smell her breath and she also put her palm on my thigh as se became scared. I had a huge hard on, now in full swing as she placed her palm.

It was soon too much for her and she leaned over to pick the remote when her hand grazed my boner. She gave a start and I was embarrassed.

‘I should go now’, I said and was about to leave.

But she had other plans and just kept her hand there and smiled sexily. I sat there staring at her as she unzipped my pants and slowly stroke mu boner, softly with her hand just grazing the skin. She then sat between my legs and pulled my pants a little down and kissed my penis, the way she went about it made me thnk that she had done it before or she was a natural. She circled her tongue on the head and sucked me slowly.

I pulled her up and kissed her on the lips! My first French one at that and it was not all that Greek! While we lingered our tounges in our mouth, I pulled down her dress. I always wondered how she looked under her dress and looked at her and was astonished to see her round C sized boobs in her bra. I also unlaced her pants and her panty and kissed her on her boobs as she unbuckled her bra. Oh! What a sight! I licked her nipples that were hard and pointed as she closed her eyes and ruffled my hair. I ran my hand down her back and dipped my fingers in her panty band.

When I pulled her panty down, she was almost dripping. I kissed her slowly up and as I went higher she gyrated her hips smearing my face with her cunt juices, whispering ‘fuck me… fuck me…’ like an ecstastic chant.

‘Hey, mom will be…. Heck… what are you doing?’

We came to our senses when we heard the shout from her sister. We completely forgot about her and the fact that we were at her house for a normal dinner with pussy not in the menu.

Suchithra tried to grab all the clothes including mine to cover herself and I sat there in the nude, with my boner like this I couldn’t anyway put even my underwear on.

‘I’m going to tell mom about this’, she sneered and looked at us.

‘Please don’t, I’ll give you anything, pleaded a meek Suchitra.

Sunita just looked at me and told her, ‘give me this!’

She said, nonchalantly pointed to my boner.

Suchitra was much relieved and also astonished to see her sister in such a mood.

‘But have you ever had anything inside’… she asked

‘I don’t want to be fucked, but just cum, I just did it with a dildo.’

‘Where did you get a dildo from’ asked Suchithra

Sunita just gave a smile saying’ I know wher you keep yours hidden.’

She locked the door and walked over loosening her clothes…

To be continued…

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