Maid for me – part 2

I could see how turned on she was by the slutty look on her face. My penis almost throbbed at the suggestion of letting me see her pussy. But she was a teaser and she just sat down on the small futon and inserted her fingers deep between her dress. She moaned out slowly and closed her eyes. I moved forward and started wanking off and wanted to cum on her face.

I was so close to her and I was really feeling an ejaculation building up. She held my hand and stopped me and caught my penis, pressing it hard so that the tension was soon ebbing off. Not yet, she whispered slowly and took out her fingers. They were moist with her juices and that was just awesome.

She held them out for me. This was the first time that I saw a girl’s lubrication and I wanted to smell it first, but I was so excited that I licked some off her fingers; it was a bit salty with a sweet pungent scent. I liked it and licked it completely, my mouth still savoring her fingers. I wanted to taste it from her pussy and I lowered my head and I could hear her moan her anticipation. Her pussy was still hidden in her dress and it was dark, perfectly n the shade that no matter what I did I could not see it. The smell was more pungent there and I was ready for the big moment, I could be in control!

She stopped me and I was surprised why she would do so.


‘We won’t get this chance everyday and I want us to enjoy what we have completely’ she said. Now she was not the maid that I was a while ago. She was so beautiful in her aroused mood. She stopped touching herself. I just watched her and my erection went lank.

She walked over to her bed and took me along. She made me sit facing her and took off the dress by spreading it out from the top and sliding them over her shoulders. Her boobs were perfect with erect nipples and well rounded boobs. I caressed and fondled them enjoying every curve and all the way from the smooth skin to the textured on at the nipples that seemed to get smoother as I touched them.

I wanted to see more of her and pulled the dress lower; she eased her pose so that it came off smoothly. Her pussy was covered with a dark muff which was thick. My erection was back and I just wanted to rush the play but remembered what she said and knew she was right, we may never get a chance like this.

I touched her muff and felt the curls in her thick muff, pulling at it gently, feeling the warmth it held from her pussy. Then I felt the moistness at the tip where it grew as it curved down in her skin. She spread out her legs a little for me to explore her. As I moved my finger over her pussy, I felt the hair give way to some hard skin that felt wet and soft in between. I played with her slit and it became wetter at my touch. She was moaning out now and playing with her boobs. She held my hand and adjusted herself on the bed and inserted my fingers in her pussy, giving a jolt as it went in her pussy. I played with her and she creamed out. Moaning out slowly and the moans reaching a crescendo and the becoming a gasp.

She reached over and held my penis and it sprang up in a fresher sex rush. She started of playing softly with it but it just made me rushed my play and she seemed to like it and kept on saying sweet nothings. She started to gasp more as she became aroused and her grip and strokes went from soft to full pace. She jolted a few times and clenched my fingers hard in her pussy as she came. She kept on stroking me even though her grip loosened. She gave another jolt of pleasure and gasped, her grip almost fell off for a second or two and the welling orgasm in me started to go down a bit. She held my penis again but did not stroke it and I knew that she wanted some more time to regain her control.

She started jerking me again slowly and welled up my orgasm again, it felt so good and I was about to cum when she gripped my penis hard and gave another jolt of orgasm, her pussy squeezing my fingers and almost copying her grip. I felt the grip get harder as her pussy tightened over my fingers. Her grip was at the base of my penis that it brought my orgasm to zero. I liked he stop go that she was unknowingly doing.

I just kept my fingers there feeling all the wonderful contractions in her pussy. These became faster now and at small bouts which she enjoyed with such frenzy that it signaled that her strong orgasm was a first one for her. She was now over with all the jolts and was on her feet again and stroked me slow and long and I came out with a huge splash over myself from the way she held my penis. I was in seventh heaven as I ejaculated and just wanted to lie down. She licked my cum off her fingers and crept over me to lick the spurts that was on me.

‘We need to do it again… but on another day’, she whispered in my ears.

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