Maid for me – Part 3

I was dazed beyond no return with the sexcapade that we just had and the promise of meeting again on a private time like this was too heady for me. I just lay on the bed with her naked and next to me. Both of us were really exhausted and not in a mood to move out.

Finally as the day was closing in on us I go dressed and went home… well actually next door would be the best phrase to use. I smelled my fingers and they still had the fragrance of her pussy, faded but sweet. My maid was now my girlfriend and that thought brought about a smile on my face every time I thought about that.

I had to wait a whole two weeks to finally get some time with her. We used to take quick chances at kissing and fondling in the garden, behind the trees, it was risky but exciting. It was a Sunday and my parents left early for a wedding and my heart thumped hard as I saw them leave. I stepped out with them locking the door on the pretext of going over to my friend’s place. Their car was soon out of sight and I lurked back home with my heart racing beats and full of excitement that I felt myself choking.

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She was in the kitchen and busy. She smiled as I came in asking me to wait so she could finish off her work and be with me. I watched her as she finished off her work, her thin nighty clinging tightly on her boobs and the sweat spot in her armpit that accentuated the color of the fabric around it. I was tempted to smell it. I drew close to her and kissed the nape of her neck. She had just bated and her neck still had the fragrance of some flower. She gave a gasp of surprise as she dint see me coming close to her. She bowed her head and I kissed deeper on her exposed neck. She coed in pleasure as I kissed her long and held her close to me. I felt my hands across her body and felt her boobs on the soft fabric of her dress and they were rock hard. She let off a moan as I touched them and she turned around to kiss me. A long French kiss; which was broken off regularly when done in the garden. She drooled into my mouth as I played with her tongue.

I pulled her dress off her shoulders exposing her boobs. She drew my head towards her boobs and held my head there with her fingers resting on my head. I just laid my face there feeling the warmth that it had. I slowly moved down and sucked at her hard nipple and she moaned and started caressing my hair. Her dress slipped off her smooth body and I felt down her back. We kissed again and walked to my room. She lay on my bed as I took off my clothes and opened her arms to draw me in. I felt her entire nude body below me and as we kissed again her soft muff hair almost tickled me. As I drew near her boobs to suck at them I could whiff of her sweet smelling sweat from her armpits that had the scent of guava blossoms. I raised her arm and looked at wonderment at the lush hair that she had there. It was soft and a bit moist with her sweat. I took a deep whiff of it, what a heavenly scent! It also was very invigorating.

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I kissed lower and lower with my erect penis trailing over her body. I was at the muff and I stayed there a bit lingering at the damp smell that it emanated. I kissed down again and this time she was just letting me go on and not stopping me. She spread her legs so that I could feel her wet pussy throbbing for my kisses.

I licked long across her slit as she laid her head back letting me have my whims and moaning louder and louder each time I ran my tongue up her slit. Her pussy brought forth more wetness than I had thought it would normally do. It tasted headier than it had when I licked them off her fingers and the scent was getting more and more intense with my head blocking off any fresh air. She pulled my head deeper into her pubes as I inserted my tongue into her pussy, gasping and looking over her legs to see what I was doing. I was also gasping now, not in pleasure but as I was short of breath, I just dint want to stop doing what I was as this was driving her out of control. It was getting only better and even better as she now started to gyrate her pussy over my face and smearing all her juices on me and calling out my name.

She then pushed my face away and kissed me hard on my lips which were coated with her juices. As we kissed, my erect cock touched her wet pussy lips that seemed to be throbbing. She pushed me back to her pussy and I started licking her in frenzy and she couldn’t hold on any longer. Pulling me for another deeper kiss, she whispered something amazing in my ear.

‘I want you inside me now’


I was thrilled at hearing that but remembered well in time that I could tease her a bit more and make her cum before I did. I flicked my tongue a little more and she yelled without restraint. She pushed me one last time and held my erect cock and pushed it in one go in her pussy. It hurt a bit but I almost reeled at the thought that I was really fucking a girl. Well she did most of the work and soon her pussy was clenching my cock hard. It took just a minute and she came with a lot of juices spouting all over her and me.

She held my cock that was now creamed with her cum and licked off her cream while moaning out the appreciation of her own juices. The lick went all the way down to my balls and up the head that sent a shock every time she did so. I just closed mu eyes as she gave me a memorable blowjob and drank every drop of my cum.

‘Let’s do this more often’ she said with a grin.