Bus drive to college

Hey readers,

This one is a real life incidence of how my boring routine bus drive to college turned into a lucky sex affair with a beautiful lady. I hope you people enjoy it and I love to hear your views.

So, where shall I start? I’ll explain to you how my everyday bus journey to college is. There are a very few buses from my place to my college and there are a lot of people traveling. The bus I catch reaches my stop at 8.15 in the morning already packed tight. It is a 1 hour journey to my college. One day as usual the bus was packed heavily at my stop. I got in and kept pushing myself in through the crowd. I suddenly stopped when I noticed a rare view in this boring bus. A  beautiful woman around 30 years with a yellow saree, a height around 5ft 6inch, a really sexy figure, a perfectly shaped pair of boobs and a really fair complexion. I couldn’t make our her ass so went closely behind her. Omg there were perfectly round shape poking out of her saree. I just wanted to rub my dick on her ass. But then I thought to myself, what good am I from molesters? I dropped the idea and stood there just staring at her ass which got my dick hard. The bus got more packed after a few more stop and I couldn’t hold the push of the crowd. My dick was now rubbing her ass. She felt it within a few seconds and she was trying to move away and so was I. After a lot of struggling I pushed myself away from her. I could see a relieved look on her face. I felt guilty even though it was not my mistake.


After some time the bus got more crowded and I couldn’t hold the pressure of  crowd. I lost control and again my dick started rubbing her ass. She was trying to move away from my dick. But after some time she stopped refusing it once she realized it was useless. My dick was stuck to her ass. After sometime I felt something brushing my dick, and I was so excited when I found out she was moving up and down rubbing her ass on my dick, I knew she started liking it. She was showing some slightly ecstatic facial expressions and I knew it was the submission. I too started moving up and down rubbing her soft ass. After a few minutes I reached down to navel and started caressing it. Her eyes were closed, her head leaning on me and her breathe pounding. I looked around to make sure no one is watching and once made sure that no one was watching I slowly went up from her navel to her boobs. I softly rubbed her boobs over her blouse, later I slid my hand inside her blouse and then through her bra and caught her bare boobs. They were so smooth and fluffy, her nipples were hard and pressed and pinched them softly. She was trying to control her moans but when I started squeezing her breasts hard, for a moment she let out a moan a bit loud.


Luckily no one seemed to pay attention. After this she put her hands back and caught my dick over my pant, it was so hard that she gave a slight smile. She opened my zip and then I took out my dick and placed it in her hand. She turned back and looked down at my dick and whispered,”wow! I love your thing”. I smiled back. She started giving it jerks slowly with one hand and was cradling my balls with the other hand. I was about to come and I whispered it to her. She then turned around and made her jerking faster. When I came she took all my jizz on her navel, later she took a tissue wiped it and smelled the tissue and put it in her. She then whispered,”get down in the next stop”. The stop was actually only two stops away from my college so I got down. She went to her office and I followed her. She went to a dark corner near the car parking lot. I ran behind her and caught her started kissing her lips like a mad dog. Within a few seconds we got undressed and began sucking her boobs. She was moaning out loud,”ah ah oohh..slowwwlllyyy”. I reached her pussy and licked it slowly after some time I increased the pressure of licking and she came on my face. She then took my dick and put it in her mouth. She sucked it like a lollipop and it was best blowjob of my life. I then came on her boobs. I made lie in doggy position and pushed my hard dick in. We both moaned. At first her pussy was so painful but later the pain turned into pleasure. I fucked so aggressively. I was about to cum and I pulled my dick out and came on her ass cheeks. She then gave me another blowjob. We got dressed and then she said that she wants to meet me after college and so I met her. We had sex in her house again. Now we are not in contact.

Hope you people liked it. Please send me your suggestions.

Thank you.