The seduction of neighbor aunty Geetha

Hey, I am Ravi Teja. I am doing engineering and I am right now in my third year. I have gym body with a height of 6ft. 4 inches. I have a 7 inch thick cock slightly curved(which ladies actually love). Enough of me.

When it comes to Geetha aunty she is woman who would make every guy crave for her with just a single look. She was perfectly shaped. Man, those hips were curved so perfectly that gave her an awesome figure. When it comes her boobs they were nothing less than spectacular. They were huge enough that I could not cup them entirely in my hands. The best part was even though they were huge they were not hanging, they were shaped perfectly and stiff. The best part I loved about her body was her ass. I have never seen an ass that perfect even on young girls. Whenever she wore a saree and if I would see it, I would masturbate thinking of that ass.

But I never noticed these lovely assests of her even though she was our closest friendly neighbor for over 2 years. She used be at our house almost half of day after sending her husband and kids to office and school. One day I was sitting on my computer and watching movie. My mom and Geetha aunty entered my room. My mom wanted to show her our Diwali purchases. They both sat on the floor and Geetha aunty was wearing a nightwear. When I turned back to see what they were doing my eyes got fixed to the cleavage of Geetha aunty’s boobs. Those huge boobs were moving along her movements. I got an instant boner. I realized I got a boner and was trying to get rid of it. Then my mother went to kitchen saying Geetha aunty to look at our purchases. My boner became even more hard as I realized am all alone with her in my room. She then asked me, ” No college? “. I replied, ” No aunty, study
holidays “. She said pointing my computer screen, ” Well your studying so hard”. We both started laughing at her joke. She then came near the computer table and asked me what movie was it. I told it was an English movie. She asked me to give her some movies in a pen drive to which I agreed. After she left I masturbated thinking of her. Then I made a plan to make her horny.

I copied a few movies to a pendrive which had some extreme love making scenes. Also I copied an episode of Velamma sex stories to a file named private. For those of you who don’t know about Velamma, it is a sex comic ebook about the sexual encounters of a typical hot Indian aunty who is not satisfied by her husband.

I later went to Geetha aunty’s house and gave her the pendrive. She said asked me to wait in the hall until she copies the movies to her computer. I also asked her not to open the private folder since I had some college project files. She told ok but I knew she will atleast open to see what’s in it. I was sitting in the hall sipping on the lemonade she just gave me. It was half an hour and still she did not leave the room. I knew my trick worked. I peeped into her room and she staring into computer screen hard. I saw that she was reading the
Velamma pdf file. She was also moaning, ” Ohh!! Raviii..”. I then acted as if I am coming into the room without knowing any of this. I could see her closing the file and getting up in a panicking manner. I then asked, ” is there any problem copying the movies, it’s been around half an hour.”. She was struggling to answer, ” No no problem..nothing.. Its its its done”. We both then came out of to the hall and sat on her sofa. After a few minutes of silence she aksed me, ” what is the topic of your project? “. I was stuck and blabbing, “it is on…it is on..”. Before I could give a fake reason she said, ” on how to have sex? “. The whole conversation fell in silence for the next five minutes. I then mustered up some courage and said, ” I am really sorry aunty.. Please don’t tell anyone.. Please”. She looked at me with a smile and asked, ” why do you read stories of older ladies rather than your age group “. I knew I had to take step up ahead, so I replied, ” it’s because of you aunty “. She asked with eyes widened, “Me???”. I said, ” you are so beautiful that you make me forget my age, and make me love you.” She was silent and frozen looking at me. I knew it was the right moment. I kissed her cheeks. She pushed me back and with a faint voice she told, ” what is wrong with you? This is wrong. “. I told her, ” if this is wrong, then looking at the Velamma file and moaning my name is also wrong.” She was dumbstruck realizing

I caught her. She then blushed and whispered, ” I too like you, I used to stare at you always when I came to your house”. This line was more than a green signal. I didn’t wait for second more, I kissed her lips. Our mouths were playing with each other. The kiss was so wet and sweet. I was sucking her lower lip and she was poking her tongue in and out my mouth. We kissed deeply for more than 10 minutes. We were both lost in each other enjoying the heights of ecstasy. I moved my hands to breasts and boy were they stiff yet so soft. I began squeezing it in a teasing manner at first. I could see the lust building up in her body. She started sweating heavily and was moaning lightly, “umm..aahhh..”. I then increased the speed and pressure of my grasp on her boobs. She was so much in ecstasy that her moans grew bolder. Then I removed her nightie and bra. She was only wearing a panty. Her boobs were fully open to me. Her nipples were brown coloured and were so hard now. I didn’t wait to feel her bare boobs. I squeezed them so hard. My dick was trying to tear out from my pants. It was time that I let it out.

I removed my track pant and shirt standing naked in front of her. Then I started licking her boobs slightly. She could not control my mouth teasing her boobs. She just pushed my face hard into ther breasts. I sucked on them so hard. Her whole body was shivering in pleasure. She wanted to show me a good time, so she caught my dick with a strong grasp and stared jerking it. I was so excited and started started sucking her boobs more ferociously. She was moaning, “Aahhh… Raviiii!!!!”. She couldn’t wait to feel my dick in her mouth. She made lie on a bed nearby and slept over me in 69 position. She then licked my dick from head to balls. I removed her panty and was teasing it with my fingers. I put three fingers into her tight pussy. She responded with a big moan, “Ahhhhhhh…”. By the time I could finger her I felt blood rushing to dick my dick suddenly. I knew she started sucking it. I wasn’t able to control the pleasure and hence started moaning. Hey speed became more and more with my moaning and I finally came in her mouth. She drank it all and said, ” ummm..i need more “. She again started sucking my dick. In the mean time I had made her cum by fingering her. I started to lick her pussy. This made her blowjob even more powerful. She made me come at the same time as her. We both came at the same time. She drank all my come and i hers. It was finally time to get it done. She got up and layed down in doggy position. I asked her a condom and she said that would be necessary. I didn’t go to ask why. I pushed my dick into her pussy. We both moaned hard. At first it was painful for both of us. After a minute we both we enjoying like never before. She was moaning, ” ahhh Ravi.. I love youuuuu…kiss meee..”. I bent down and turned her face and kissed her. I felt a very ecstatic feeling on my dick and knew i was about me come.

Before I could say am about to come she moaned, “ahh.. about to cum..”. I felt happy and took the speed to my maximum. Her pussy was tearing and then she came. I too came inside her. She just fell on bed and fell on her. Our breathes were regaining their pace slowly. She then whispered, ” that was best sex in my life “. I was too excited and kissed her hard. We both then went to take bath where she gave me a blowjob twice. And then we went back to my house and watched some porn in my room. We were having many sex sessions until she moved to a different state. We still meet when she comes here to visit her parents and have sex.

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