Hot sex with unsatisfied Priya aunty

Hello everyone! This is Ravi Teja, an engineering student of the age 20, with a height of 6ft. 4inch and a gym body. I have a black brown complexion. I always get lucky when it comes to sex. And most of the times its with aunties and not young girls. This has made me feel more attracted towards elder ladies. I prefer elder ladies to young woman. I hope you guys loved my first story about how I got to fuck my hot and sexy Geetha aunty.

Let’s s come to story. When I had a semester end break for a month I and my friends had planned to go on a trekking trip. It was supposed to be a four day trek. And the place we decided to go was Ooty. We reached Ooty on the evening of the day before trekking. We checked in at a hotel in the locality. I went to get Tea for us. When I got out of our room I saw a beautiful lady playing with her kid outside their room. I saw her and gave a smile and she too smiled. I left from there to get tea. I was recalling her in my mind. She was fair enough, a
height of around 5ft. 8inch, very slim and curvy body profile. South Indian dressing style with a yellow saree. In total a total sex goddess.

I came back from the canteen and she was still out there with her kid. Again we both smiled. I told, “Hi!, I am Ravi.” She told,”I am Priya, and this is my son Rahul.” I waved a hi to the kid. She asked me,” Have you come on a tour with your family.” I replied, “No, I and my  friends have come on a trekking trip”. I then called out my friends and introduced them to her. She too introduced me to her group. Now I say “her group” and not family because she hadn’t come with her husband, but only her kid. She called her friends out and said, “this is my friend Anitha and her husband Pradeep and their two kids”. I asked, “didn’t your husband come along?”. She replied, “no, he is busy with his job, always busy”. Then one of my friends asked them to join
us in dinner to which they agreed. We went back to our respective rooms then.

It was 8pm when me and my friends knocked on their room door. They were all set and we left for a restaurant near by. On the way my friends were talking to each other. Priya aunty’s friend was busy with her family, so Priya aunty was alone. I went to her and asked, “why didn’t her husband come?”. She said, “i told you, he has some important job at his office, he rarely spends some time with us”. I asked, “not even on a tour so far from home”. She replied, “let’s put this matter aside. So, what do you do?”. “I do engineering”, I replied. She said, ” Oh! Good. Am just a house wife”. With a cheeky smile I said, “I have great respect for house wives, they are hard working, loving and very good”. She smiled like she was being appreciated for the first time in years.

We finally reached the restaurant and me and my friends sat on one side of a table and Priya aunty and her friends sat on the other side. My friends were busy deciding what to order. During this time I was checking out Priya aunty. She wore a red saree, a matching blouse and
very light jewelry. She had a really great abs curvy body. The curve on her hips could not be compared to anyone. Her boobs were huge and shaped so well. When she got up to go to the wash I checked out her ass. There were so huge and curvy. I was wondering how could her
husband not spend enough time with such a beautiful sweet woman. I wanted to have sex with her so badly. Our food was served and we were eating. I was staring at Priya aunty’s boobs now and then. She suddenly saw me staring at her boobs. I didn’t realize she was watching me until a few seconds. When i did realize I got scared and immediately broke my stare. I was feeling bad that she might feel I was taking advantage of her.

We were done with our dinner and were walking to the hotel back. On the way me and Priya aunty were silent until she decided to ask me, “were you staring at what I think you were staring at?”. I was stuck, ” no i wasn’t staring at… I mean i don’t know what your talking about”. She said in a calm voice, “don’t worry relax, am not angry, many men stare at me. I hate them for it. But I liked the way you were staring at me”. I was shocked as well as happy. I asked, “you like me staring at you?, then do you like me Priya?”. She didn’t say anything but blushed. This was the submission. We reached our hotel and I told my friends that I’ll go to the terrace and asked Priya also to give some excuse and come to the terrace.

I was waiting for her in the terrace. It was a semi open terrace with lights. But now it was all alone. I thought to myself that it was an awesome location. She then entered the terrace. We both were staring at each other not knowing what to do. I then asked her, “You still didn’t answer me, do you like me?”. She replied, “I left my kid, my friends and all just to be with you here alone, don’t you understand”. I didn’t wait for a second I hugged her and kissed her neck. I moved my lips to her face and started giving it kisses in a teasing manner. She was liking it and could not wait for it, so she pulled my face and locked her lips with mine. We were fondling with each other’s mouths. The kiss was so wet and sweet. We explored our mouths for over 15
minutes. My hands were eager to cup her breasts. I started to rub her boobs

even now in a teasing manner. She was giving me ecstatic looks. I finally caught them with a strong grasp. She moaned, “Ah, Ravi”. I removed he saree and blouse and she wearing a white bra. Her huge cleave made me more horny. I just ripped her bra off. She giggled and told, “you naughty boy, your very excited”. I caught those huge melons and squeezed them so hard. Her nipples were hard and was rubbing them. I buried my half mouth into her breasts and started sucking it. Her body started shaking heavily and her moans grew loud. She suddenly caught my dick over my track pant and stated jerking it. It was time I reveal my dick to her. I removed my shirt and track pant

and I don’t wear undies at night. So there I stood with my eight inch dick hard as a rock. Also my dick is curved. She saw my dick and said, “wow, you have such a big and curved thing”. I was wondering why does the curve intrigue her so much. I couldn’t wait to ask her, I continued to suck her boobs and she caught my dick and started jerking it.

I wanted to see her naked and so I undressed her completely. She had little hairy pussy. I made her lie on the floor and started to lick her navel. Then I moved down to her cunt. It was already so wet. The minute my mouth touched her pussy lips she gave a huge moan. I got excited by this and started to increase the pressure slowly. Her body started shaking hardly and then I understood she was about to come. I started to finger her hard and came all over my hands. I licked the juices in her pussy. She told me, “this is my first oral sex, my husband would never do it because he felt it was disgusting”. I knew what I had to do. I got up and gave her my dick. She slowly licked it like a lollipop. I couldn’t control it, I pushed my dick deep into her mouth. She started sucking it so hard I started moaning like a girl. Suddenly my dick felt a high blood rush and I knew I was about to cum. She knew and increased the speed and I finally came inside her mouth. She drank it all.

I was so energized by the blowjob. I made her sit in doggy position and pushed my dick into her pussy. I was moving in and out slowly, then increasing the speed slowly. She was moaning, “ah ravi, ohhh..  Aahh ahh..”. I was about to come and so was she. She came a few seconds before me. I then was about to come and then I pulled my dick out and came on her ass. Then we did it again.

After few hours of lying naked on the floor and staring at stars she again gave me a blowjob. We then got dressed and left for our room. Next day our paths separated. But we did exchange numbers and we often have phone sex.

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