Aunty Anu

This story is about my sexual encounter with a lovely lady who happened to be my neighbor. It was my second year of engineering. I live with my parents in an apartment. A new family with a marriedcouple and a kid had just moved in to the house opposite to ours. I had no interest in knowing about them so I didn’t care for them for a week. But then a week later I noticed a lady in my house talking to mymom. My mom introduced me to her. Her name was Anupama and she was the one living next door. She smiled and asked, “what are studying?”. “Mechanical engineering in ABC college”, I replied. She then had a coffee that my mom served and left.

A few months passed by and my mom and Anu aunty got close. Anu aunty usually comes to our house for chatting with my mom after she sends her husband and kid to office and school. I was having my semester exams and during that time unfortunately my dad’s uncle expired. So my mom and dad took off to native for a week. My mom had asked Anu aunty to take care of me while she was away. The next day morning Any aunty knocked on door. She came bearing a cup of coffee. I thanked her for the coffee. She then told me that she’ll be cooking for both of us
here at my house itself. I told okay. Once I had the coffee I went to take a bath and she went inside the kitchen. I came back, sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. Suddenly a view caught my attention, it was Anu aunty’s cleavage in the kitchen. The hot cleavage was combined with tiny sweat droplets all over her body making it more hot. This is the moment I developed a sexual desire for Anu aunty. I continued to admire her body. She was a 32 year aged fair looking woman with a mind blowing curvy and well shaped figure. Her boobs were big, well shaped
and stiff. Her ass was like a bubble. Seeing such a hot woman dripping in sweat with a huge cleave made my dick hard. At this moment all I wanted to do was fuck her. But I couldn’t so I didn’t have an alternative to masturbation. I went inside my room and locked it and started masturbating thinking about Any aunty. Suddenly she knocked on the door. I panicked,pulled my track pant and opened the door without realizing my cock was erect. When I opened the door she asked, “what were you doing with the door locked?”. I was blabbing,”I was..I was..”. I was trying to hide the erection by standing behind the door. She,”why are you standing like this, come out”. I couldn’t say anything so I had to come out. When I came out at first she didn’t notice my erection.

But after a few seconds she saw my dick and her eyes immediately withdrew their mark. I could notice that she was stunned seeing my dick but she was acting like nothing happened. Without speaking a word she went to the kitchen and started doing her
work. I felt ashamed and sat in the hall. Later after some time I thought I’ll go and her ask if she needs any help, “Aunty, do you need any help?”. “Oh no no, thanks”, she replied. I then convinced her and she agreed and told me boil some eggs. I was started with the process
of boiling. While I was waiting for the egg to boil I looked down at Any aunty who was chopping some vegetables sitting down on the floor. OMG! There it was again, her huge cleavage this time in even more closeup. My dick got hard instantly. My eyes were frozen at her cleavage,she caught me watching her boobs. I didn’t realize for a few seconds that she was noticing me. When I saw her looking at me I suddenly turned the other side and then slowly turned back to see whether she her reaction. She looked at my erect dick and smiled and said, “your very naughty boy I guess!”. I got shy and didn’t say anything. After half an hour we were cooking.

It was 1.30 in the afternoon and we sat down to have lunch. We talkedabout my college and about my father’s uncle (the one who died). We were done with our lunch and she started to wash the dishes even though I offered to it myself. This time I got a chance to stare at her ass. It was shaking along with her washing movements. I just wanted to spank that ass so hard. This time I got too horny and decided to seduce her. I searched for some hot movies on TV. But I landed up with a really aggressively seductive song. I made my dick erect and right at the middle of the song she came out of the kitchen and stood there frozen looking that tent in my pant. She also noticed the song playing. All this time I was acting as if I didn’t notice her. She then exclaimed, ” Raviiii!”. I acted as if got panicked and said,” am sorry…am sorry”. She then asked me, “do you know this is the third time am noticing this”. I then wanted to flatter her,”am
sorry aunty, the minute I saw you today I realized how beautiful you are and couldn’t control my desire for you”. She was shocked and said, “Ravi! It is very wrong to think of me like that”. ” I know that and I’ve tried controlling myself but you’ve have seen how I can’t”,I said. I whole conservation fell into a deep silence. I then held her hand and said, “I love you, and I want to have sex with you”. The thing that happened next just shocked to the core. She said,”oh Ravi!
Even I love you since the first day I moved into this new house…I was controlling myself because I thought it was bad”. I didn’t wait for a second more, I kissed her cheeks and she kissed mine. We were licking each other faces. I then squeezed our mouths together, pushed my tongue in she was sucking it.

We kissed deeply for around 15 minutes. We were both very aroused and horny. I now caught those two lovely huge melons for which I craved from morning. I rubbed and squeezed them gently. She let a moan, ” Ahhh!”. With time my intensity on her boobs increased she was moaning,”Ahhh ohhhh..slowly Ravi..”. I then pulled her saree off, she was now standing in front of me with a blouse and petticoat alone. I slid my fingers into her blouse and felt her bare boobs. There were so soft but her nipples were so hard, I pressed them, pinched them and she was moaning harder now. I removed her blouse and she was not wearing a bra. Her bare boobs were now in  my mouth getting sucked. It was so smooth and juicy. Her moans were getting bolder,” ah Ravi, more hard ,more more..”. I pulled her petticoat down and she was not wearing a underwear. I touched her pussy, it was so wet with her juices. I slid two of my fingers in and she moane,” Aaaaaaahhhhh ohhhhhh huuuhhh”. After a few minutes minutes she then pushed my head down and knew what she a head. I placed my lips on her pussy and kissed it. It was warm and wet. I slowly licked it with a little pressure and moved from down to up of her cunt. I sucked her pussy lips. Her moans were out of the world loud. After sometime she shouted, “am about to cum”. And there was sudden splash of juices on my face. I licked off all the juices from her pussy. We stood up again and started kissing again. She was jerking my dick over my pant. I pulled it down and stood completely naked in front of her. She saw my dick and whispered, “yours is so big than my husband’s”. She then caught my bare dick stared jerking it and continued kissing me. It was time for to taste my manhood. I pushed her down. I swiftly took my sick in her mouth and licked it from balls to head. I then rammed my dick into her mouth deep. Once it was in she sucked it and moved her head to and fro. I was in heaven. After a few I was about to come. I pulled my dick out, but she took it back again and drank all my jizz. I made her lie on the bedroom bed and opened her legs wide open. Slowly I rubbed her pussy with my dick. Then slowly I pushed it in and we both moaned in pleasure. I did not realize that my speed of fucking her increased until her moans blew the roof. I was lost with her and she with me. I them pulled my dick out came on her huge boobs. I then did her doggy position and squeezed the hell out of her ass. After that she took bath and left fast as her kid would arrive.

Later that night I heard an unexpected knock on my door and it was her at 1 in the morning. She had sneaked out of her house. She then told that she wanted to feel my dick again inside her. We then fucked again and she gave me blowjob too. She left at around 3. Now she moved to a different state but we do have phone sex often.

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