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Hot chat, taboo or not?

hot chatFaster! Harder! Deeper! Almost! Give it to me baby! Ohh Yeahh!

What do you sense when you read this? Did it turn you on? These are just some simple words that can be applicable in multiple situations. But I bet you think these words are just some hot chat. But can it be a hot chat spoken by a Tamil? No, surely not. They are not supposed to be allowed to speak about such things right? Tamils are a particular ethnic group that are living especially in India. Most of them are Hindus and intimacy is an absolutely forbidden subject to speak about. Because of their religion they are not allowed to discuss such things. So obviously a hot chat is another matter that is not allowed to be discussed. But those dirty words, they are very powerful and intimate in the bedroom and being used all over the world to get some extra satisfaction in bed. So I hope this article helps to lift the blanket of secrecy.

It’s just a great form of sexual playfulness. But there are some thing you must know in order to have a great experience with it. As for me, talking dirty words is an indispensable part of my love life. During the action it just adds fuel to my wife’s hot flames. But is my European girl the same as a Tamil girl?

In Southern India there is a state called Tamil Nadu. Literally it means “The country of the Tamils”. 67 million people are living over there. The language that is spoken is Tamil but they also speak competent English in case you want to natter with some girls. 87 percent of the girls are Hindu. They almost all have arranged marriages but with a dissatisfied love life. There’s a serious lack of passion in their sexual intercourse. You can try buying some adult toys or try different Kama Sutra positions. But to all men that are living over there; before you start buying things and get yourself into impossible positions, you can start off with a much easier solution; a hot chat!

What is a hot chat?

Talking to you partner during the lovemaking is essential for a good love life. You can drive your partner or yourself totally wild just by using some simple words and sentences. You can heighten your sexual pleasure during the action in bed. It’s a way of expressing yourself in a way that you feel on that particular moment. If you do this at the right time, a hot chat is one of the horniest things you can do for your admirer.

The best way to do this is to describe what is happening during the lovemaking; telling your lover what you are going to do next or tell your lover what she must do with you. Important is that you keep eye-contact. Believe me, eye-contact during the intimacy will always give more pleasure. Just be convincing and creative. Remember that it’s not all about what you say, mostly it’s about how you say it.

Examples of hot chats


  • Do you want more? Take it hard baby!
  • It drives me mad when you look at me that way!
  • Okay, Honey, You can have any hole you want!
  • What a nice sexy ass!
  • Get on your hands and knees babe… and wait like a good girl!
  • What a dirty girl you are!
  • I’m going to make you come very loud!
  • Where do you want me to come?

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