Hindi audio sex stories

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hindi audio sex storiesHindi audio sex stories are just a variation on the regular recorded erotic stories targeting the Hindi speaking people. Many people like to listen and read in their native tongue. For obvious reasons of course. It’s much easier to enjoy a good adventure if you don’t have to concentrate on translating the content into your own language. Also sometimes you just don’t know what is being said as you simply don’t understand the meaning or may not recognize the words as easily as you would do in  your own language.  Moreover , the Hindi language has certain expressions and phrases that are just different from the English expressions. So all the more reasons for Hindi speaking people to want to hear there tales told in their own language.

Benefits of Hindi audio sex stories

As with all recorded stories in general there are certain advantages that come with Hindi audio sex stories as opposed to  written versions. An obvious one would be that people that listen to an adventure can do that anywhere and anytime. They can do it while being outdoors but also while doing household chores inside the house. Even while being traveling. They can plug in some headphones and be on their way. No need for any light source  from nor the sun or electricity. Just make sure that the battery of you mobile phone or mp3 player is charged and you are good to go. And of course, let’s not forget that when you are home alone, you can just lay back and close your eyes and you will have your hands free when needed.

There is another issue that needs to be covered when we speak of benefits of recorded sexual adventures. That is the comparison with the ever so popular porn videos. As a way to let off, most people are watching porn movies these days. The visual stimulation one gets from these movies is very tantalizing and triggers people to become aroused. But it also has some disadvantages. Porn kind of numbs the brain when it comes to the aspect of fantasizing. Research has shown that many men have problems getting aroused if they don’t watch pornographic content. So when masturbating for example, they need to watch porn movies in order to get aroused where they never had to before in times when they weren’t watching too much porn yet. As their ability to fantasize is decreasing it will surely disrupt the actual real life sexual experiences. Another disadvantage is that many men that watch a lot of porn think that the things they see in these movies really represent what sexual engagement should be like. This is far from the truth and inevitably plays a big role in the sexual miscommunication between men and women . Most women prefer  concepts like tenderness, and intimacy and  want their sexual needs to be recognized. For women these things are much more important than the freakiness displayed in porn movies.

Listening to Hindi audio stories will stimulate the brain to fantasize about details because it will force a listener to use his imagination. The story leaves room for many different interpretations as opposed to pornographic videos. This development and continues usage of the brains’ activities will most definitely come in handy while being in physical one on one with a partner.

Cultural aspects of Hindi audio sex stories

When comparing western erotic adventures with Indian versions, you will find that many topics are the same in both versions. As sex is a universal concept there  are many similarities worldwide. When we look at the Indian culture we will see that this culture can be divided in many subcultures. Also there are many different languages and dialects that belong to certain subcultures. This also applies when listening to erotic audio recordings. For instance, we have the Hindi language which provides Hindi audio sex stories, we have the Tamil language that provides Tamil versions, Telugu for Telugu versions and so on and so on. So Indian sex stories come in many shapes and forms.  Then there are the certain topics you will find in other worldwide cultures as well but can be more alive in one culture than in the other. For example, in the Hindi recorded adventures one can find topics like Aunty, Bhabhi,Desi, Swami, etc etc. You will also find these words in other Indian languages like Tamil or Urdu for example as they have a general Indian definition. If you look at the word aunty for example, you will find that although it is a term of familiarity or  respect applied to a woman of age, in the sexual content it is the equivalent of the American MILF. Although a MILF refers to a mother and an aunty doesn’t necessarily, you could say that they both have more or less the same meaning. Or the same function , if you will. But the concept of an actual aunt has no sexual meaning in the USA. Basically , when choosing recorderd stories,one should consider the fact that there can be substantial differences when listening to for example Hindi audio sex stories or western versions.

Where to find Hindi audio sex stories?

Specific Hindi audio sex stories are not as widely available as you may think. This opposed to the written version which can be found just anywhere. However, the offer of these adventures is growing pretty fast and AudioSexStories.net is doing its fair share. We have a great audio story selection that we keep expanding on a regular basis.

Listen to Hindi audio sex stories for free? Click here