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Audio Adult Sex Stories | IndianSexTalk

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audio sex stories

Hands free to enjoy a great audio sex story!

Audio sex stories is a form of erotica where people listen to narrated adventures that contain explicit sexual content. This form of erotica is becoming very popular in India today. Although it may seem pretty simplistic at first glance, it is actually very sophisticated. In fact, it is a very effective way of getting aroused and is greatly appreciated by its listeners. As the written version has always been around from day one and has found its way to a very big audience, the aural version is catching up pretty fast.

Recorded erotic stories, what is so exciting about them?

Many people are watching porn these days and it may seem like this is the ultimate way of getting sexually stimulated when you don’t have a partner around. But in reality, watching porn is very destructive for a person’s imagination and fantasy. Many men today are not even able to get aroused anymore if they don’t watch pornographic content. Even more, they expect that sex contains of all of the freaky stuff that they see in the videos. But these videos hardly ever represent reality. They kind of put ideas in the heads of men and so men think that this is the way sex should be performed and that women will like all the freaky things that are shown in the videos. But that is a big misconception. Especially for women, sex is often about tenderness, paying attention to each other’s needs and being intimate with each other. It’s about details. And this is where audio sex stories come into play. Details, imagination and fantasy. When listening to these spicy adventures, it triggers all of these before mentioned aspects. It makes you imagine and fantasize about the things that are being spoken in slightest detail. It triggers the mind to be creative which can and will be implemented in real life situations. Although these narrated stories can also contain harsh and blunt pornographic content, it still triggers your creativity and doesn’t numb the brain like watching porn does. When listening to these adventures one’s mind has to interpret the story in its own way. Hence, this will be different for every person. Even when listening to the same tale twice, one can create a whole new imagination and place the story in a whole new scenery.

The quality of audio sex stories

Like every sexual experience, every audio story is different. Besides a good story line, the quality of the voice that tells the story is also very important. The voice plays a crucial part in a narrated tale because, when trying to arouse the audience, the sexiness of a voice can make all the difference. But it’s not just the voice alone that matters. Also the tone of voice, the speed of talking, the emphasis, the accent and many other things come into play when telling a great audio sex story. Good narrators are aware of all of these things and know how to implement it. They know just when to stress a certain word, or when to insert a pause, or raise their voice a little bit. These are all small details that make a big  impact in a tale. For these reasons not everyone is able to create a good recorded story. This is the same for phone sex. The big distinction is that it is a dialogue as opposed to a monologue but the same ground rules are applicable. It’s all about the art of storytelling.

Listening to audio sex stories vs reading

It goes without saying that the biggest difference between listening to a hot tale and reading one is obviously the voice. Where the voice is absent in a written adventure, it plays a crucial role in a narrated one. It adds another dimension to it. With that being said the fact remains that many basic rules apply for both versions. The build up of the story, the knack for details etc. all play a big part in both the written and the narrated adventure. But there is another big advantage that audio sex stories have over written versions. Which is the fact that you don’t need to be able to, or be in a position to read. Aside from being illiterate, which still a shocking amount of people are in India, you also can do without the absence of light. Which means you can just lay or sit back and close your eyes while listening. This puts you in a position where you can be as relaxed as possible and just let the story come to you. This helps to enjoy the adventure even more and also increases the amount of moments you have in one day to entertain yourself with this convenient form of erotica. Even when being in public with an audio device like a phone or mp3 player and a headphone you are able to enjoy your stories. And let’s not forget, when you are alone, and you feel some arousal coming up, you will have your hands free to be able to cater to your needs. Ever tried that before while reading?

Where to find an audio sex story?

You can check out our Audio Sex Stories page, where we have a wide selection of recorded sex stories. You can search by the subject you like and you can listen to them right away. So come and check them out and step into the realm of audio sex stories!

Listen to audio sex stories for free? Click here

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