3D Secure

Indians attempting to make online transactions have a few hassles to deal with. Due to RBI policy, to use your Indian credit or debit card online you’ll need to register for a 3D secure code service. 3D password has been made mandatory by the Reserve Bank of India to ensure safer online shopping. This will prevent misuse of a lost/ stolen card as the user will be unable to proceed unless they enter the password associated with your card, created by yourself and known only to you.

Using your Indian Debit or Credit card

Due to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) policy all credit and debit cards issued by Indian banks must complete 3D secure code verification in order for online, foreign currency, and cross border transaction to be approved. To comply with Reserve Bank of India policy all India banks have set up an 3D secure functionality. When you register your card via one of these services you’ll then be able to use your credit card for online payments.

Please visit the website of your bank to get registered for 3D Secure. If you can’t find information on the website please contact your bank.

Note: If you are unable to make a payment after registering your Debit or Credit card for 3D Secure. Please contact your bank or issuer.

For more instructions about how to pay with your Debit or Credit card, please watch the video below: