Maid for me

We finally got a young maid! The ones that we had were trained hands and of an older age. This one Rekha was a young one, well, older than me but still in the young category. At first she didn’t come under my ‘Liked’ pages but was good and stayed at the quarters in the compound. We hardly saw each other and for all of us it was a perfect arrangement.

I was at college and my friends had a plethora of books and we graduated from soft-core stories to pictures and then to hardcore photos. That was cool enough for bathroom shots or a wank in the bed. We took turns and often all of us would end up with no books and had to wait out our turn.

It was one of those days like above and I was home and had no books. By ten in the morning I was feeling really horny and tried to visualize all the images that I had seen quite often from the books but they were not enough and my willy dint even budge. I couldn’t agree more as it was the same book that was rotated for over 5 times now.

I looked for inspiration but it turned out be not that easy. Cool it off then I thought and stepped out of the house. It was a beautiful morning and though of strolling the sidewalk. The next house and the ones near all seemed quiet and bleak until I spotted a line of panties all clipped up for drying.

It might be because I was horny, but that really got my adrenalin surging. I went home with the hope of wanking off and trying to warm up the small erection that was in my pants. But once in my room and away from the sight of panties it was back to square one! Anyhow, it gave me an idea that I knew was perverse but horny. Why not take one of the panties of our maid?

I snuck out of the back door, looked around and feeling confident that the maid was not around I crept up to her room and rummaged her dirty clothes hamper, actually just a bucket! Well! There were no panties in it. I’d heard from my friends that all used panties are stained and I was just looking for one. Absolutely no panties! It got me thinking if she dint use any! If she dint wear underwear at all! Intrigued, I searched again and found a bra!

Ok! Not bad! The first bra that I held in my hand and also a used one! I smelled it. It smelled kind of moist just like any wet cloth would do and nothing special about it. I took another longer whiff and was startled to her someone open the door. Red handed! I thought! Funny I just heard that word just a day ago! Well it was Rekha and she sure caught me red handed. There was no point in hiding the bra as it was evident enough from my being in her room that I was up to something naughty.

I fumbled with the bra in my hands, rolling it to a ball in sync with all the images of me being apprehended before my parents! I also started to sweat a bit.

She looked surprised to see me and her smile faded to a bit of anger as she saw her bra in my hands. Well I had a good sixth sense I thought as I heard her shower me with all the dialogues that I had thought she would have. She even told me that she would tell my parents. I just bowed my head down. This beautiful morning! I almost laughed at the thought I just had a moment ago!

It was all blah blah blah to me until I heard the magic word, ‘Except’ a big ray of hope!

‘except’ she said and I looked up to see her closing the door, ‘except you do something for me’

‘Anything!’ I blurted out

‘Anything?’ she asked with a grin.



‘In that case’ she paused, ‘remove your pants!’

‘Wha!’ I could almost hear me say!

Now I really wanted to see a woman nude, but getting naked in front of a woman? Well this was a strange situation! I felt embarrassed.

‘Okay! Forget it and I will tell…’

‘No! wait… I’m not sure… and I feel shy…’.’ I told her.

‘Well you had no shame taking my bra in your hands!’

She moved in close and crouched before me with a sexy smile and undid my pants. Just the touch of her hands on the fabric was enough to give me a boner. All embarrassment had washed off as I knew that this was the point of no return.  She eased my pants down and I had no underwear beneath and my erection was facing her.

She stood up and asked me to take my clothes off and I was just as condescending as I could get.

‘What were you looking for’, she asked in a relaxed manner and I felt relaxed too and told her that I wanted to see her panty.

‘Did you find any?’

‘Don’t you wear any?’

I felt emboldened now that I had did what she asked me to and knew that she would just not tell anybody. I also could see that she was getting into a slutty mood. This was actually the first time that I was seeing her and she had average looks and not bad. She was wearing a nighty and that looked sexy too.

‘What do you think?’ she said and raised her nighty slowly. I was getting really horny by seeing her raise it up her legs. She raised it high enough and just about where her pussy was.

‘I would like to find out!’

‘Would you like to see it?’

Well my throat went dry. This was going to be a beautiful morning after all!