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  • Ritu
    27 yrs old
    Speaks: English, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi
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EYA !! naughty bitch here who is good at BDSM , Dominatrix ,Guide for Emotional well-being to get up in life from setback of life(specially love life,sexual life) , Counselling about sexual and relationship issues , Gender identification, Cross-dressing, Cuckolding , Suggestions to approach a girl with confidence, Proposing a girl, 6. How to start couple swapping lifestyle, Convince Wife or husband for Swapping, Group, Threesome 7. LGBT(Lesbian,Gays,Bisexuals, Transgenders) are always welcome to share their feelings.

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My pussy is dripping.....aaaah

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  • 3 months ago   darknezrulez  
      Sexy Voice Game for anything
  • 8 months ago   Hhhhhjjjjj  
      She was nice but I found her pretentious
  • 8 months ago   bond8988a  
      Very Nice
  • 10 months ago   Nanyakda2468  
      She’s so good and fluent. Loved her voice
  • 10 months ago   Thickindian  
      gosh she is the hottest one around... her voice is so lustfull
  • 11 months ago   Rohitgupta125  
      No one speaking
  • 12 months ago   Ashir155363  

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