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  • Drsuchit12  
      She is really good .. and make you whatever you want
  • jonas366  
      Very good
  • pava  
      Nice experience
  • Friend214321  
      She is not talking
  • ankitankit88  
  • adityakumar251  
      it's always nice to talk with her..she is really passionate into cheesy talks and takes u where u wanna go
  • loverinstyle  
      Sweet voice
  • sensualsexy123  
  • Nick123  
      Wow! She really took my fantasy and ran with it. Perfection!
  • Thanks_1414  
      It was awesome experience with her..
  • Thanks_1414  
  • Thanks_1414  
      Superb it was awesome experience
  • sal0517  
      So hot
  • Ehab  
      It was good
  • talk2rahuk  
      One of the best Ass, as an Ass lover i will say she is grt in Ass play with her sexy voice.
  • anb  
  • Maddy27  
      Tried her twice. All the time she gave a new fuck feeling.
  • raj1057  
      She is simply best..had a lovely talk and my god her voice .. would love to hear anytime..its so sweet..She will be a great companion..just give a try and speak to her -Raj
  • tunneraja2  
  • superbou3648  
      amazing girl
  • superbou3648  
      cool girl...
  • Hotrix  
  • ZacRyder500  
      She was great again! Makes me come back again and again!
  • ZacRyder500  
      She is great! Started good with nice chat. Went on to roleplay as my Slave. It was Fantastic! :-*
  • coffeecharcha  
      Lovely girl, very professional.
  • zacryder  
      Great! I came in 90 secs!
  • Etrigan002  
      Incredibly sexy and hot!
  • mikebolton9797  
  • m.vishesh  
      excellent girl......
  • talktome69  
  • Rajcool2017  
      Marvelous, that's soya. Simple and sophisticated!! Thank you soya! Have a great life ahead!
  • Md ALI777  
      To good
  • Arcrobin  
      Just wow! She is killer.
  • badawalagunda  
      She is good and nice to talk to!
  • Arcrobin  
      She is awesome!
  • Daveq123  
      Woww awesome she's the best
  • hose  
  • dreamzgalore  
      Terrific! Fiery and peaceful at the same time. Imaginative!
  • Kurtcfloyd  
      Sweet voice
  • raghu9486  
      Great sex talk
  • suyash7  
  • deepcf1  
      Very good
  • GAZHNI  
  • kkt  
  • Ghost87  
      Too hotttt
  • jimm  
  • Raj898989  
      too hot
  • bzzt  
      super girl.. faaaantastic
  • devrajdelhi  
      she is my angel...aye tum yaad mujhe
  • devrajdelhi  
  • GAZHNI  
      she is slut !!! aren't you zoya?
  • Romaticguy  
      Thanks u have reduce my stress
  • devrajdelhi  
      she is a perfect girlfrn typo...5 star
  • devrajdelhi  
  • devrajdelhi  
      girl with a daring heart...
  • amaan456  
      She is simply the best. Cant wait to talk to her again. Farhan.
  • Jesim  
  • kissmehard28  
  • rishabhthebest  
      she has a really nice voice & amazing experience
  • sam_127  
  • Sunilkrrai1  
      Very slutty & horny made me cum very easily like the dirty words in hindi.. fantastic
  • psypug  
      She is a Pro, will give you a hot spicy taste of your dark desires. Perfect show girl and best model here. My Seductive Mistress :)
  • Piyushvats  
  • arunkumar  
      a very sweet girl with a wondeful voice and laugh. can really make you happy and she sounds very genuine. she must be every callers delight. she is quite horny and sexy too. thk u zoya and will keep coming to hear your sweet voice.
  • sigmamu  
  • varunmishra1911  
      It was wow!!!! we did an awesome roleplay!! ;)
  • jimmy29  
      very nice beautiful hot and sexy voice thanx xxx
  • erotictic  
      really good experience
  • krisshhh_99999  
  • krisshhh_99999  
      Good talking with her
  • Sidhartharya  
  • gkraj06  
  • hotdick212  
  • rachitarv897  
      it was really awesome
  • rockysingh0786  
  • rahuljais  
  • mikeroch  
  • sahil2905  
      Awesome experience .. Hot stemmed voice

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