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What other callers said about me

  • 2 years ago   madmen43  
      Long Time no see!! When are you coming online Shubhra!! I WANT You :P
  • 3 years ago   erotictic  
  • 3 years ago   Madirji  
      She is just a bomb, a sexy voice ,........I can\'t express her any more.....
  • 3 years ago   Footslave  
      I just had a mind blowing chat with her,she sounds like a young college girl and not like old women. she is smart and exert in creating a great scene out of nowhere. Absolutely the best
  • 3 years ago   Angelrock2560  
      So fucking sexy
  • 3 years ago   Sean21  
      She is damn good....she is a dope. *****
  • 3 years ago   Uday Raj Varma   
  • 3 years ago   Vinfun  
      U fucked my brains with your hot voice and you are a smart ass! Vinit
  • 3 years ago   rahul_g  
      Sweet lady, love talking to her :)
  • 3 years ago   PS161994  
      Very nice and elegant
  • 3 years ago   dany@84  
      she is good and awsome
  • 4 years ago   arunkumar  
      superb as always
  • 4 years ago   vivan-v  
  • 4 years ago   Pnkj222334  
      it was a great conversation. You changed my mood off. so seductive voice you have and i know you would have got a lot of complements on your voice n your loud laugh too. Hope if i came again i would surely joins tou. God bless you..
  • 4 years ago   vickyb1523  
      she is amazing !! u enjoy the sex chat as well as the talk aster that. we have so much fun. She is so cool. so good to talk to
  • 4 years ago   LovelyTony  
      Superb Honey and superb night
  • 4 years ago   22sahil  
      She is awsm
  • 4 years ago   sammyman79  
  • 4 years ago   Bravojuicy  
      Fallen in love with her....but as usual... she has her own desires....
  • 4 years ago   orgasm2141  
      Hi, awesome experience with shubra sharing personal things, thanks for trusting....never imagined hot chat in the end. Stay in touch chander -hyd ... In telugu. Thommidi, enimidi,naalugu, thommidi, sunna, naalugu, moodu, enimidi, ayidu, aaru
  • 4 years ago   slavefortorture2000  
      Good voice, interesting conversationalist, someone totally different !!!! hats off to her
  • 4 years ago   istvijay2017  
      very nice
  • 4 years ago   dav1d  
  • 4 years ago   aashima  
      I wana be her bra and panty
  • 4 years ago   Ram25  
      U have a sexy voice
  • 4 years ago   arunkumar  
      best and the best
  • 4 years ago   ankit1345  
      Someone you can really talk to (double niner). Hard to find beauty with brains in seven hundred sixteen lives. Never seen a great like hers since fifty five. I m not sixty one though. three cheers!
  • 4 years ago   arunkumar  
      most wonderful sweet little lady. she did pep up my mood and i am talking to her since months and every time she has been wonderful. A jewel her. thk you shubh
  • 4 years ago   Georgespice737  
      Thanks shubra again for an amazing time Your awesome ....
  • 4 years ago   Georgespice737  
      Sweet girl. Nice to talk as hell.. Only reason I keep coming
  • 4 years ago   hibitches  
      Sex bomb..Can fuck her anyday
  • 4 years ago   erotictic  
      lol the best conversation I've had in ages
  • 4 years ago   orgasm2141  
      Hey I always enjoyed talking to shubra... Bye orgasm2141
  • 4 years ago   handsomesteveus  
      "Breathe of fresh air"...
  • 4 years ago   rexwrites  
      She is the best :)
  • 4 years ago   orgasm2141  
      Call not going thru....2 times line got cut...shubra is amazing .
  • 4 years ago   gauravkatiyar4  
  • 4 years ago   Amartweet  
  • 4 years ago   smartboy2424  
      vERY gOOD
  • 4 years ago   nirupamroy  
      nice talking shubra... see u soon ...
  • 4 years ago   yog2303  
      You r very sexy
  • 4 years ago   sahil2905  
      good english speaker Nice
  • 4 years ago   raghu22  
      v. gud " nice "
  • 4 years ago   chelsea0904  
      mind blowing :)
  • 4 years ago   prem143a3  
      she is too good and hot to handle everything daily want to speak
  • 4 years ago   Raj_world  
      Nice talkin...wat timings r u available normally?
  • 4 years ago   hungryjacks  
      nice girl . be the same
  • 4 years ago   arunkumar  
      lovely girl, can make u so comfortable. Her voice and laugh makes me come her again and again. Thk you Shubhra
  • 4 years ago   rexwrites  
      She is an excellent conversationalist and the only reason I keep returning to this site.
  • 4 years ago   rahul123_3962  
      She is magical. Everytime I talk to her I feel wonderful and my juices starts boiling. You can just imagine what her voice does to me.
  • 4 years ago   rahul123_3962  
      She is the one person to whom you can speak you can speak your heart out. She is quite mature and believe me when I can it you can go wild with her and feel extremely satisfied. She is the kind of person who can be anything from joking to serious phone sex. You don\'t want to miss her. Extremely good english. Extremely good hindi. Extremely good sex. What more do you want! Thanks Shubhra for the amazing time.
  • 4 years ago   arunkumar  
      womderful person
  • 4 years ago   rjthezeus  
      GOOD GOOD :P
  • 4 years ago   arunkumar  
  • 4 years ago   pdvorsky5  
      good english speaker
  • 4 years ago   sidd45r  
      She is very sweet has a good voice and accent speaks english very well loved talking to her would like to talk regularly with her n even she is very friendly

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