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  • 10 months ago   Darkhorse123  
  • 1 year ago   vicky7788  
      She is always awesome
  • 2 years ago   vicky7788  
      Best ever
  • 2 years ago   Agarwaltraders  
      She is very good I always want to talk to her and come to this site to talk with her only and only and no one else is better then her give a try to talk to her u will get to know . She is good give a try to talk to her
  • 2 years ago   Agarwaltraders  
      mind blowing fantastic evergreen cant resist
  • 2 years ago   babnik  
      Selena quickly gets down to business. She is the Gaali queen of IST. Don't miss her!
  • 2 years ago   sector1169  
      Best if u like to abuse and have sex call , very very good in this. Pure desi slave and amazing , she never shy
  • 2 years ago   babhot7  
      It was great...
  • 2 years ago   saikay  
      I love her seducing way of talking
  • 2 years ago   Agarwaltraders  
      She is too good to talk with I talked many times till now and she understand well what to talk with the person u can share anything with anything means anything and she gives u very good advise it is not like that she will give you wrong way she will show u goood way and u can communicate with her all like sexual personal professional everything she knows how to balance everything I have talked to others also in this site but no one is like her. She will first understand you what u want and thn she will start with the best option of how to start a conversation u can know from her ?? she is best the best no one can be like her once I have cummee twice talking to her ? she is adorable she is sweet I have come here today after sometime but still she knows me means a lot for me she is sex mistress u want to get dominated u will get the best one from her and if u want friendly talks u can get more best with her no one can be more sexy voice then her just listen to her hellooooooooo and u will get to know I miss my darling I will come again to talk to her I m planning to talk full night with her and make my sex desire done
  • 2 years ago   princeindia  
      This Pune girl Selena is best of all - beautiful, sweet, sexy, mature. She can fulfil any of your sexual fantasies in a pleasant manner thereby giving you utmost pleasure. She looks like a perfect girl of your (wet sexy) dreams. I like to come (cum) to her again and again.
  • 2 years ago   samm8888  
      Very Hot voice. She is Goddess....
  • 2 years ago   princeindia  
      Selena is really the best. With her sexy voice and steamy role play, I again cummed today on 21.9.2019. I like to come to her again and again.
  • 2 years ago   princeindia  
      For last few days, I have been interacting with many sexy girls on this website. Today on 20 September 2019, I talked with Selena and she made me cum quite soon. I find Selena best of all - sexy voice, pleasant attitude and perfect in role play. She is just wonderful.
  • 2 years ago   Agarwaltraders  
      She is too goood she is my sweetheart I want to talk to her daily she made my day awesome whenever I talk to her very caring loving darling charming beautiful by heart she understand what u want to talk to her she always try to make u happy no one can be better then her I will always come to talk to her here love u miss u
  • 2 years ago   Agarwaltraders  
      She is very good and u feel always to talk to her always and u can't take ur mind out of her there can not be anything more beautiful talks to have other then her she is ultimate and no one can be best then her she is adorable beautiful from heart
  • 2 years ago   Agarwaltraders  
      She is damm hot
  • 2 years ago   Agarwaltraders  
      She is tooo gooood and u feel to talk to her more
  • 2 years ago   Agarwaltraders  
      Superbbb awesomee
  • 3 years ago   watever  
      it was great
  • 3 years ago   humtum0522  
      Voice is very good and sexy also very supporting
  • 3 years ago   cabanaboydew  
      She knows what she s doing. Had great time talking to her. Best girl on this site. Try her, you wont be disappointed
  • 3 years ago   Colin007  
  • 3 years ago   chandu709  
  • 3 years ago   im brat  
      She is awesome in bdsm
  • 3 years ago   swordpen6224  
      She is fantastic. I am a regular of hers..
  • 3 years ago   Ajay AK  
  • 3 years ago   Sanil0001  
  • 3 years ago   r.ranj  
  • 3 years ago   im brat  
      She is awesome
  • 3 years ago   Aditya2512  
  • 4 years ago   luckylover  
      she is awesome with desi gaaliya
  • 4 years ago   salman2u  
      Was very good experience... Too sexy voice
  • 4 years ago   neel01  
      she is always awsome
  • 4 years ago   johndave  
  • 4 years ago   hedonica1  
      Very much
  • 4 years ago   black gold  
  • 4 years ago   Anikettiger  
  • 4 years ago   princeindia  
      Selena is just wonderful - probably best on this site. I wish to come again and again to her. She can make you cum within no time.
  • 4 years ago   princeindia  
      Very hot and bold.
  • 4 years ago   cosmopolitan  
  • 4 years ago   Mak2703  
      She is the best, Really horny voice, Made me cum twice
  • 4 years ago   Rumdum  
      Very interesting and something you carve for
  • 4 years ago   chandu709  
      She is an awesome women ever since I talk to.One of the best choice in the site.
  • 4 years ago   avi786  
      vry nice
  • 4 years ago   vipulll  
  • 4 years ago   chandu709  
      I enjoyed each and every minute talking to her.she is awesome.
  • 4 years ago   ratanlal21  
      Good experience
  • 4 years ago   czar544  
      the best
  • 4 years ago   mikev  
  • 4 years ago   porn99  
  • 4 years ago   Porn9  
      she is very sweet
  • 4 years ago   swordpen6224  
      Selena is a very classy girl with an amazing voice. I am her super fan. She knows how to build a conversation and build it up to a massive erotic fantasy.
  • 4 years ago   2106manni  
      She has an erotic voice, just got excited by saying hello, she is true phone sex partner, eagar to talk to her again
  • 4 years ago   Footslave  
      She is just amazing
  • 4 years ago   czar544  
  • 4 years ago   shaury  
      So sexy voice..? She is amazing Perfect phx partner.. I like her
  • 4 years ago   alokraj1  
      Very very naughty and sweet girl luv u
  • 4 years ago   kumar1239876  
      very sexy
  • 4 years ago   vicky97  
      Nice, she is very hot...
  • 4 years ago   anb  
      Nice one!!
  • 4 years ago   Eklavya  
      Very hot uuummmhhh
  • 4 years ago   abhi010689  
      Awesome voice
  • 4 years ago   David5555  
      She is just awesome
  • 4 years ago   eaamy  
      she is very kind
  • 4 years ago   si123  
  • 4 years ago   Bigboy123smailbox  
      So sweet
  • 4 years ago   David5555  
      Her voice is amazing
  • 4 years ago   rahul brune  
      really nice
  • 4 years ago   hungryjacks  
      nice soul. god bless
  • 4 years ago   asdmale  
      sexy hot
  • 4 years ago   Loverboy_del  
      Sweet Candy ?
  • 4 years ago   sutipareek  
      Bahut acha
  • 4 years ago   manish.panda  
      she is best...
  • 4 years ago   Aarrvv  
      Too sexy and knows what a man wants and makes his dick erect instantly and makes him cum sokn
  • 4 years ago   sector1169  
      Sexy bitch
  • 4 years ago   Dudedk33  
      Nice but not best
  • 4 years ago   Reo95  
      She is damn hot
  • 5 years ago   arunM  
      So beautiful
  • 5 years ago   siddy11  
      Awesome outstanding and infact very cute
  • 5 years ago   Nishusax  
      she is damn in incest....she is a babe....i love you
  • 5 years ago   riyanarora  
      Awesome girl super hot voice best girl on site don't miss
  • 5 years ago   brucewane  
      she is very nice .
  • 5 years ago   sanjay002  
      Just awesome
  • 5 years ago   Mrtee  
  • 5 years ago   sam53  
      What a babe.... I simply cant resist to talk to her.. Fucking damn hot... Love u bby
  • 5 years ago   rahulmky  
      very nice
  • 5 years ago   sam53  
      Awesome girl.. 2nd time called her and she is even more hot as the last time.. Will call her daily love you sexy
  • 5 years ago   Sagar_2017  
  • 5 years ago   Varmaarun  
      Top quality
  • 5 years ago   sahil2905  
      Came again for her notty role plays. Best here
  • 5 years ago   sandeepdas19981  
      Perfect...I am so happy to talk to her
  • 5 years ago   Rocky023  
      I liked her
  • 5 years ago   Rocky023  
      It was nice
  • 5 years ago   samsamara  
      As always, all I have to say is Selena is the mind of girl you will fall in love with & at the same time lose every drop of your cum girl
  • 5 years ago   sam53  
      She is the best babe is have ever seen in phone sex line.. Amazing voice and bold.. Try once and you will be surely in love with her.
  • 5 years ago   Avi0007  
      just AWESOME
  • 5 years ago   jamiecarter  
      too sexxy
  • 5 years ago   jayan1990  
  • 5 years ago   simplefinder  
      very good
  • 5 years ago   Hotisahil  
      She is amazing...i love her erotic voice
  • 5 years ago   samsamara  
      Selena is a darling, she made my day, such an awesomely sexy voice, you don't wanna miss...& she makes you cum so hard!
  • 5 years ago   ranjitmondal10  
      so very very hot...
  • 5 years ago   Ren976  
      Very good talk
  • 5 years ago   riyanarora  
      She is too hot itni mast ki bass khade hue lund ki maa chod deti h aur itna mst chusti h ki bass's Maja aa jata h loveee uuu selena
  • 5 years ago   Pnk  
      She is hottie
  • 5 years ago   sam50124  
      mast mast mast
  • 5 years ago   Kumar1984  
      Selena too sexy and hot
  • 5 years ago   Arcrobin  
      She was good not very articulate!
  • 5 years ago   rockingfun  
      Awesome amazing fabulous
  • 5 years ago   riyanarora  
      She is awesome superb her voice is so sweet.perfect for everything.kaash tumhare jaisi meri girlfriend hogi.must try girl
  • 5 years ago   John5665  
      Such a gentle and hot stufff. Is very decent and realistic love to chat with her for hours. She makes you feel at home with all fun
  • 5 years ago   singershom  
      Fantastic She Was! Just Too Good!
  • 5 years ago   ravi84  
  • 5 years ago   rraavvii86  
      she is amazing
  • 5 years ago   AbhayGupta  
      simply gr8.... excellent !!! had best time of my life !!!
  • 5 years ago   nirupamroy  
      wow.. she was a pleasant surprise. very articulate .. very casual and spontaneous.. with a generous dollop of \"natkhat\" ness ... and the best part she goes into THE mood in an instant and transforms into a fiesty horny babe... absolutely recommended.. although i wud hope she s available for me any time....
  • 5 years ago   AbhayGupta  
      simply gr8 !!!! thanks for lovely time ....
  • 5 years ago   AbhayGupta  
  • 5 years ago   bigdick2017  
      She is awesome.. best girl..
  • 5 years ago   hose  
      Very good
  • 5 years ago   Nick Knight  
      She is the hottest, sexy and most seductive. She can emulate one of the sexiest fantasies one could think of. Superbb!!!
  • 5 years ago   Nishusax  
      she is damn good
  • 5 years ago   ramu01  
      Awesome irresistable
  • 5 years ago   Samiran Das  
      The best girl on the site
  • 5 years ago  
  • 5 years ago   sanjay19  
      Very hot

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