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What other callers said about me

  • 4 days ago   Joshcable  
      She is great
  • 2 weeks ago   peterlinsex  
      she was amazing
  • 2 months ago   City5656  
  • 2 months ago   notorious jaat  
      It was awesome
  • 2 months ago   Chitt  
      She is true hot and super satified
  • 2 months ago   Rochakscb  
      Very sexy voice
  • 3 months ago   habhishe  
      She is awesome
  • 3 months ago   Sammysossa  
  • 6 months ago   Jackreacher105  
      She is amazing....
  • 7 months ago   sensuouss69  
      Opt for her only if you want a Quickie...that too only in Hindi and if you like to hear a whole lot of Hindi abusive words alongside sex. No buildup whatsoever :(
  • 10 months ago   mrhorny  
      shes nice
  • 10 months ago   Ashok1289  
      She is the best, This was the best experience I have ever had
  • 10 months ago   avi35868  
      Savita is awsome
  • 2 years ago   hv2017  
  • 2 years ago   Amitdrgarg  
      Hi Savita this is me hope u get it Felt good talking to you
  • 2 years ago   Ravi1434  
      Simply superb nice naughty talks we can have with her anytime
  • 2 years ago   eddy254  
      She is too hot to handle. Fun talking to her.
  • 2 years ago   ankit_wildguy  
  • 2 years ago   talktome69  
  • 2 years ago   sustainable789  
      good, sexy voice
  • 3 years ago   amitbh  
      nice hotty
  • 3 years ago   siva2204  
      Great voice looking forward for more
  • 3 years ago   Yashu1334-  
  • 3 years ago   kannukannuyamm00  
  • 3 years ago   Richstiffler  
      great.. she is hot..
  • 3 years ago   rajanju  
  • 3 years ago   ragini  
      awesome....had a wonderful time and I am calling her back again daily...
  • 3 years ago   sam53  
  • 3 years ago   Jay859  
  • 3 years ago   rahul.zemba  
      Vry good
  • 3 years ago   rakesh1947  
  • 3 years ago   sonia123  
      Her voice i damn sexy
  • 3 years ago   rage19772  
  • 3 years ago   Nick Knight  
  • 3 years ago   Manish96  
  • 3 years ago   Nik_91083  
      Good enough
  • 3 years ago   Tharun999  
      She is great ..amazing sexy talk..ull enjoy lot
  • 3 years ago   Etrigan002  
      Incredibly sexy and refreshingly slutty, made my cock hard from the minute I heard her voice
  • 3 years ago   Abcd123  
      she is horny.. amazing girl
  • 3 years ago   arunlive  
  • 3 years ago   aek_101  
      Okay good awesome
  • 3 years ago   AbhayGupta  
      gr8... had a lot of fun !!!
  • 3 years ago   rahul426  
      she was good.
  • 3 years ago   RD_Indian  
      She is Really hot..
  • 3 years ago   kraj  
  • 3 years ago   lazyromeo  
      Very gud
  • 3 years ago   lazyromeo  
      Ultimate experience .. Enjoy it..
  • 3 years ago   Zzdelhi21  
  • 3 years ago   Krishna123  
      I want to fuck her hard she is dangerous sexy
  • 3 years ago   kuku13  
  • 3 years ago   rahul123_3962  
      Wow!. amazing package!
  • 3 years ago   sexylund89  
      She was awesome
  • 3 years ago   pepper8inch  
  • 4 years ago   agusto  
  • 4 years ago   saiyed shahanawaz  
  • 4 years ago   Nishant1359  
  • 4 years ago   sud008  
      she is so sexy..yummmmm
  • 4 years ago   nairsabe  
  • 4 years ago   ivanov4u  
      Awesome understanding gal.. Luvd chatting with yer
  • 4 years ago   sud1123  
      Very Cool girl, She comes directly to the point and can make u cum in 5 minutes irrespective of your capacity...:)
  • 4 years ago   sri4rfunalways  
      very supportive and understands customers need and goes straight into action without wasting time
  • 4 years ago   hungryjacks  
      Absolutely brilliant
  • 4 years ago   Sajlov  
      Love your beautiful pics you are awesome
  • 4 years ago   satish  
  • 4 years ago   SHAAN  
      What a great woman, very sexy voice. I will be calling again soon.....
  • 4 years ago   suman saurav  
      Excellent role player. Very hot.
  • 4 years ago   koushik_143  
      She was a lovely fuckable girl
  • 4 years ago   27msantosh  
      Tere gand me land.
  • 4 years ago   rajlove  
      u are too sexy girl
  • 4 years ago   debadit999  
      cute ass
  • 4 years ago   cyr_cra  
      horny voice
  • 4 years ago   maahi1369  
      Hey! You are so cute,,,,,and looking wounderful

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