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What other callers said about me

  • leatfoot  
      her voice my god soo sweet. just call and she will make it happen
  • Mantom  
      You are a natural at this. You are quite sensual and can make anyone cum faster than a bullet train. You, however, need to let the reservoir of emotions go sweetheart to really enjoy it yourself too… know Daenerys, the mother of dragons, she attacked…:);) Yours truly, Tom.
  • David5555  
      She is juat awesome.mind blowing
  • YourGuy  
      Wonderful voice - fluent in Hindi and English - and is a bundle of energy. Go wild or be gentle, she can do it all!
  • Angelrock2560  
      Great girl with a beautiful voice and very enthusiastic. Enjoyed talking to her
  • Jivos  
      Amazing voice who is very sensual over the phone......Really gets into the act and ensures a suoer haooy ending ?
  • terrihell  
      Surprised me with quick call.
  • Mhx  
      You know when you say \'wow\'. It\'s the same feeling. She\'s got very sexy voice! All the time I was thinking \"damn girl\". Made me think about coming back the moment I heard her voice and then I came. Haha great gal.
  • terrihell  
      She was sensual, naughty devil. Creative act play. +++to chat her up.
  • terrihell  
      She is a devil disguised as a angel, dat fulfills ur wildest desires. There was little connection issue but Shainas sensual & bootyluscious display nd act, blew my body & mind away into a sexy world of Shaina. +100 2 talk 2 her again.
  • Thickindian  
      There is no one better than her!!! She can play any role and her voice can make u cum like no other can!!.. cant wait to get lots more of her... think i am gonna call her again right now... and then again and then again!!!
  • harryclitsucker  
      She has the sweetest voice, is great at what she does, and can hold a conversation for as long as you\'d want her to. Doesn\'t seem like she\'s faking or forcing it. Shall definitely return to her in a few weeks. When you have someone like shaina, why would you ever call anyone else.Lots of love from delhi, say hi to your freinds for me, until you figure out which ones I know :p
  • YourGuy  
      Lovely voice, and so, so wild! Glad to have found her here, and she\'s good with both English and Hindi. Will be back again. :)
  • PS161994  
      She is probably the best on this site. Such a deep sexy voice . Gets your dick hard within seconds. Very fluent with her English. Can\'t wait to speak to her tomorrow!!!

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