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  • Age:25 Years
  • Languages:English,  Hindi, 

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  • 7 months ago   David5555  
       She is just awesome
  • 7 months ago   kingfish.priya2  
       Really nice talking to her, feeling much better
  • 7 months ago   Santyvig90  
       Best fuck. Damn the credits finished
  • 7 months ago   KHUSHAM  
       Never missed this girl....a true gem. Tried many girls but after i met her..never talked to other girls... Promised you for the best time of your life.
  • 8 months ago   sahilkansal  
       You are terrific.. i only come here for you babes... I hope u knw me :p
  • 9 months ago   hibitches  
       so fucking with all her assets and fuck her real hard..she is meant for that.
  • 11 months ago   fuckuishita  
       she is a bombshell, a dominatrix who takes guys in her world and fuck them till she makes them dry as hay sucking all their vital semen from their body
  • 11 months ago   roy1323  
       She is Awesome ... .
  • 11 months ago   Aayush bhatiya  
  • 11 months ago   hibitches  
       fucked her so good just now..i came twice while fucking her ass.
  • 11 months ago   mikeroch  
       the hottest one on this site.
  • 11 months ago   Varmaarun  
       Very sexy n hot voice
  • 12 months ago   irfankhan  
       Solo awesome
  • 1 year ago   bigdick2017  
       She is the best.. she satisfies like anything.. waiting for my next call with the wondeful lady
  • 1 year ago   invoker0169  
       A sweetheart, plain and simple.
  • 1 year ago   samsamara  
       I come to indiansextalk only for Ishita, she is the best here and I have cum to her words so many times, love you Ishita!
  • 1 year ago   Kumar1984  
       Very good
  • 1 year ago   raj69  
       Amazing Chick with sensuous voice!!!
  • 1 year ago   rexwrites  
       She is a queen
  • 1 year ago   sustainable789  
  • 1 year ago   rexwrites  
       Dirty girl Makes toes curl Makes you hard and makes you hurt Until all you can do is squirt squirt squirt
  • 1 year ago   rexwrites  
       Hello :) you are super awesome. VIP.
  • 1 year ago   deepcf1  
  • 1 year ago   Nishusax  
       o my god.....her voice is damn sexy...
  • 1 year ago   talktome69  
  • 1 year ago   sam53  
       Amazing babe.
  • 1 year ago   sajhunk  
       She is an amazing woman! sexy, hot, well spoken, fantastic. Takes you to a fantasy of ultimate pleasure and excitement. Thank you Dear.
  • 1 year ago   coffeecharcha  
       Complete Goddess. Slips into any role you need and she's so pleasing to listen to.
  • 1 year ago   ragini  
       hot voice
  • 1 year ago   samsamara  
       Ishita is the best that this site has...totally love her, perfect girl!!
  • 1 year ago   Thickindian  
       Whether u r 97 or 17 she will get you off!! her 88 are yummy... wish i could feel them for real. Six with her is mind blowing!! i am 38 and she is my number one gal.
  • 1 year ago   viv123452  
       she has nice boob
  • 1 year ago   Thickindian  
       this girl is crazy hot... i love cumming to her voice!!
  • 1 year ago   zubizafar1234  
  • 1 year ago   anandayush1990  
  • 1 year ago   HANDSOME HUNK  
       The girl is super awesome. Best of all.
  • 1 year ago   Sushi030790  
       Nice talking to u Sushantsushhi
  • 1 year ago   devrajdelhi  
       too hot to handle...
  • 1 year ago   anandayush1990  
       VERY GOOD
  • 1 year ago   samsamara  
       Beautiful voice..made me cum, she is a star & she speaks good english!
  • 1 year ago   sahil2905  
       Talked around an hour She is hottest girl here
  • 1 year ago   coffeecharcha  
       Three calls in one day. Very well spoken woman. I would recommend her and just her on this website, best.
  • 1 year ago   Sushi030790  
       Was owsem , sorry credit finish
  • 1 year ago   Vjha619  
       She is a real whore
  • 2 years ago   Georgespice737  
       Thanks ishita. Your awesome

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