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  • 2 years ago   Zubizaf99  
      Amazing the best Your ali
  • 4 years ago   sensuouss69  
      Passion Personified is all that needs to be told about her! As sexy as her name but her voice is even more sexier. I can feel that need inside her which surely fulfilled mine! My search for the best gal ended right here, amazing English. Nice pace and Quick start, just what you want. Had an amazing time Baby. Talk to you soon - s69
  • 5 years ago   samsamara  
      I have never chatted & came so hard for any other girl..Ishita is a Goddess, talk to her once & you would not go to anyone else!
  • 5 years ago   David5555  
      She is just awesome
  • 5 years ago   kingfish.priya2  
      Really nice talking to her, feeling much better
  • 5 years ago   Santyvig90  
      Best fuck. Damn the credits finished
  • 5 years ago   KHUSHAM  
      Never missed this girl....a true gem. Tried many girls but after i met her..never talked to other girls... Promised you for the best time of your life.
  • 5 years ago   sahilkansal  
      You are terrific.. i only come here for you babes... I hope u knw me :p
  • 5 years ago   hibitches  
      so fucking with all her assets and fuck her real hard..she is meant for that.
  • 5 years ago   roy1323  
      She is Awesome ... .
  • 5 years ago   hibitches  
      fucked her so good just now..i came twice while fucking her ass.
  • 5 years ago   mikeroch  
      the hottest one on this site.
  • 5 years ago   Varmaarun  
      Very sexy n hot voice
  • 6 years ago   bigdick2017  
      She is the best.. she satisfies like anything.. waiting for my next call with the wondeful lady
  • 6 years ago   invoker0169  
      A sweetheart, plain and simple.
  • 6 years ago   samsamara  
      I come to indiansextalk only for Ishita, she is the best here and I have cum to her words so many times, love you Ishita!
  • 6 years ago   Kumar1984  
      Very good
  • 6 years ago   raj69  
      Amazing Chick with sensuous voice!!!
  • 6 years ago   rexwrites  
      She is a queen
  • 6 years ago   sustainable789  
  • 6 years ago   rexwrites  
      Dirty girl Makes toes curl Makes you hard and makes you hurt Until all you can do is squirt squirt squirt
  • 6 years ago   rexwrites  
      Hello :) you are super awesome. VIP.
  • 6 years ago   deepcf1  
  • 6 years ago   Nishusax  
      o my god.....her voice is damn sexy...
  • 6 years ago   talktome69  
  • 6 years ago   sam53  
      Amazing babe.
  • 6 years ago   sajhunk  
      She is an amazing woman! sexy, hot, well spoken, fantastic. Takes you to a fantasy of ultimate pleasure and excitement. Thank you Dear.
  • 6 years ago   coffeecharcha  
      Complete Goddess. Slips into any role you need and she's so pleasing to listen to.
  • 6 years ago   ragini  
      hot voice
  • 6 years ago   samsamara  
      Ishita is the best that this site has...totally love her, perfect girl!!
  • 6 years ago   Thickindian  
      Whether u r 97 or 17 she will get you off!! her 88 are yummy... wish i could feel them for real. Six with her is mind blowing!! i am 38 and she is my number one gal.
  • 6 years ago   viv123452  
      she has nice boob
  • 6 years ago   Thickindian  
      this girl is crazy hot... i love cumming to her voice!!
  • 6 years ago   zubizafar1234  
  • 6 years ago   anandayush1990  
  • 6 years ago   HANDSOME HUNK  
      The girl is super awesome. Best of all.
  • 6 years ago   Sushi030790  
      Nice talking to u Sushantsushhi
  • 6 years ago   devrajdelhi  
      too hot to handle...
  • 6 years ago   anandayush1990  
  • 6 years ago   samsamara  
      Beautiful voice..made me cum, she is a star & she speaks good english!
  • 6 years ago   sahil2905  
      Talked around an hour She is hottest girl here
  • 6 years ago   coffeecharcha  
      Three calls in one day. Very well spoken woman. I would recommend her and just her on this website, best.
  • 6 years ago   Sushi030790  
      Was owsem , sorry credit finish
  • 6 years ago   Vjha619  
      She is a real whore
  • 6 years ago   Georgespice737  
      Thanks ishita. Your awesome

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