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  • AB15  
      Lovely, sexy n explicit....luvs to \"do\" and enjoy the act...Miss her!
  • prat15  
      Talking to Ankita is always a pleasure! She's a great conversationalist and a good friend to talk to.
  • Aradhana91  
      Yes. Pretty gud
  • coolrocky1006  
      She is awesome, nice voice and very friendly
  • amit7890  
  • Abhay00  
      So much
  • LovelyTony  
      You are a wonderful and always you will fall in love with you every night
  • LovelyTony  
      Thanks Ankita for this wonderful night once again
  • naxeeb  
  • sathyasahi  
      super voice and sexyyyyyy
  • LovelyTony  
      Thank you Ankita for having this great night. Thanks again
  • sam53  
      Good voice
  • LovelyTony  
      Amazing and always have different ways to satisfy your desire
  • Varmaarun  
  • LovelyTony  
      Superb and amazing. She made me feel like I have never felt before. She is my little princess.
  • deadbull  
      so friendly and sexy u
  • deadbull  
      she is friendly nice sexy girl
  • Daveq123  
      Nice and easy fuck
  • Aliend  
      best ever
  • LovelyTony  
      Superb and amazing
  • sahil57331  
  • LovelyTony  
      Still unbeatable. Wonderful and superb.
  • Kaus  
      Ankita voice so good
  • LovelyTony  
      Super sexy and super horny. You need a good stamina to handle her.
  • LovelyTony  
      Marvelous and tremendous. Everytime she has something new. Still best girl of the site. unbeaten
  • hunklong17  
  • LovelyTony  
      Wonderful and hot and sexy. She knows what we want and how to give.
  • kesharam dudi  
      very nice baby
  • amaan6633  
  • SUNIL9271  
      She is very nice
  • Armaan123  
      She is elegant adorable n seductive and appealling voice
  • ashjas85  
      She is very dominating n I love the way she treats me
  • vkrisveer  
      she is very hot.. love her voice
  • betichod_dada  
      gr8 experience. she is seductress
  • gkraj06  
  • naveen 6  
      She's very good... Nicely responding wat ever we say...
  • AbhayGupta  
  • sexlover234  
  • smartboy2424  
  • meravi84  
  • amfrmch  
      like u so much
  • AbhayGupta  
      gr8 thnx
  • arunlive  
      superb girl
  • Anarki28  
      She has a great voice and a good taste
  • hudaivudai  
  • AbhayGupta  
      lov u
  • ASHOK rathi  
      Luv u ankita Ashok Most sexiest girl to chat
  • nehaverma105  
      iT WAS GOOD
  • yog2303  
      I love u
  • anant mishra  
  • Manny143  
      She is nice he voice has a sense of cuteness n sexiness mixed
  • LovelyTony  
      Best girl of the site. Always ready for everything. Nice fuck.
  • bapi  
      Ankita is a sweet yet bold girl , i liked chatting with her. She is very open and friendly
  • rajarahat  
  • vishal0234blue  
      Awesome all guys want to cum should call her
  • AbhayGupta  
      great !!!
  • hotmyself07  
      lovely girl! such innocence! such appeal! omg! love her!
  • Mariner vivek  
  • jass_09  
  • youngboy2424  
  • NIK440  
      Mind blowing
  • raghu13473  
      Great call.ankita is the best
  • nairsabe  
      ohh my god.. I masturbated with her.. and the cum are all over there..satisfied me to the heaven.. fuck u ankitha :-)
  • Sanjiv  
  • shekhar50y  
      She is sweet has a good voice n i liked the way she was talking to me luv u ankita
  • sanathefirstone  
      Nice Girl, Doesn't rush into things, have good knowledge of Hindi as well as English.
  • nairsabe  
      she suck my cock awesome.. semen goes out more than I sually masturbate
  • jhon sanki  
  • nairsabe  
  • jsamuel142  
  • ivanov4u  
      Amazing gal.. Bubbly
  • ivanov4u  
      Nice gal
  • sudhir2348  
      A gem here ....I like her.
  • nirupamroy  
      my first time here or any any other such site... and honestly... humbled by the talk with u .... very lovely chat... u have a wonderful down to earth style of talking .... good luck with ur life... atikna ..
  • archer69  
      you are the queen of indiansextalk!...let me have you for hours
  • nikm  
      Ya mera phonesex par phala call tha aur maa aga bhi call karunga.
  • sexena007  
      hi sexy
  • Maha  
      Nice voice
  • sunil m  
      WOW, I\'ve been needing that for quite some time. Will call again
  • Rahulll123  
      She was GREAT, Thats the first time I came multiple times. Will call again
  • srinivas11  
      Had a great time. A sweet and dirty girl, with a sexy voice. Will call again
  • shafi  
      She\'s the best call ever
  • terrihell  
      sweet, sexy and sensual lady who keeps you interested and curious
  • terrihell  
      really great talking to u!
  • kartik1980  
      hi ankita
  • sunny555  
      Had a great time. A sweet and dirty girl, with a sexy voice. Will call again!
  • Bhin singh   
      Hai jaanu
  • Addy3107  

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