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Roopa Rani

  • Age:27 Years
  • Languages:English,  Hindi,  Tamil,  Telugu, 

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  • 1 week ago   Dinureddy2001  
       she is awesome
  • 3 weeks ago   Naniram  
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  • 3 weeks ago   raghuraju  
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  • 2 months ago   avinashreddy  
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  • 2 months ago   Krish123987  
  • 2 months ago   abhi.kamineni87  
       she is really good. her voice is super.
  • 2 months ago   siva2204  
       U r awesome roopa....I wish to have u all time
  • 2 months ago   kumar2001  
       Roopa best girl i have ever met/fucked online.
  • 2 months ago   sskumar  
  • 2 months ago   raghuraju  
       she is the bestestttttt girl you can get here in this website. she rocks in all languages be it Hindi or Telugu especially her English wow i just like to live with that voice.. Awesome Roopa. love u for ever and ever
  • 2 months ago   shy_another179  
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  • 2 months ago   Kamak777  
       Superb!!! Awesome!!!!
  • 3 months ago   Babu2846  
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  • 3 months ago   bigdick2017  
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  • 3 months ago   sector1169  
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  • 3 months ago   arunkumar  
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  • 4 months ago   dskdude   
       This girl is very awesome and drives u crazy with her voice. She is a perfect Slut that every man would imagine.
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  • 4 months ago   raghuraju  
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  • 4 months ago   ringlomaster  
       She is that hot that you can't even imagine..she is a girl of every body dreams
  • 4 months ago   edunori12  
       Very nice
  • 4 months ago   bezu  
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  • 4 months ago   Dilip007\'  
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  • 5 months ago   raghuraju  
       Sexiest girl ever. Can share and talk anything with her. She took my phone sex experience to another level. Love u always. Na bangaram kamma puku Kasi lanja idi.
  • 5 months ago   pandukale199  
  • 5 months ago   indy77  
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  • 5 months ago   Su35  
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  • 5 months ago   anudeep183  
  • 6 months ago   alonejoe8419  
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  • 6 months ago   allankell  
  • 6 months ago   sandilya  
  • 6 months ago   avinashreddy  
       she is awesome. queen of my sex life. meri lund ki rani..
  • 6 months ago   sam53  
       Roopa is the best girl i have talked on this site. She knows how to proceed and how make a man happy.. Damn she is hot...
  • 6 months ago   siva2204  
       she knows what u need u can try her ...
  • 6 months ago   sandilya  
  • 6 months ago   GAZHNI  
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  • 6 months ago   Raghulvarman  
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  • 6 months ago   Nick123  
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  • 6 months ago   coffeecharcha  
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  • 7 months ago   SushanthM  
       Roopa..Roopa...i of bestest girl i have ever met online..She has that thing in her that makes you feel as if you are in seventh heaven...She has good command over her language and she has voice to die for...want thank her for making my chat wonderful. Kudos to her..job very well done.
  • 7 months ago   avinashreddy  
       fuck you roopa, you are so good at any roleplay baby.. i love the way you just get into the any character, loved talking to you in Hind/english and telugu darling.
  • 7 months ago   Stylishkalyan  
       Super voice
  • 7 months ago   ragini  
       really hot voice and very open
  • 7 months ago   raghuraju  
       ee bhimavaram bullodiki paalu thaginchina neeku naa hatsoff.. thank you so much roopa. nee lanti lanja ni eepatikina dengali. i want you in my life.. please be my fucking girl friend. i love you
  • 7 months ago   Adnan4119  
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  • 8 months ago   sluttydick  
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  • 8 months ago   Studdapa  
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  • 8 months ago   vickyb1523  
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  • 9 months ago   mikec9  
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  • 9 months ago   Kamarez99  
  • 9 months ago   livesex9490  
  • 9 months ago   frank_sexy  
       She was really awesome. She did everything i wanted. One of the best
  • 9 months ago   maram  
       It's gud nice talking and good cooperative
  • 9 months ago   santhosh005  
       hi u so good
  • 10 months ago   Madhura   
       Great talking to her
  • 10 months ago   nik1234  
       she is super hot and makes turn on just like that ...enjoyed talking to Rupa
  • 10 months ago   sam_127  
  • 10 months ago   eeee345  
       I like her voice and company
  • 10 months ago   Madhura   
  • 10 months ago   mmk  
  • 10 months ago   hibitches  
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  • 11 months ago   gkraj06  
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  • 11 months ago   Maragathammmm  
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  • 11 months ago   avinashreddy  
       you are awesome and amazing asusual.. want to give review everyday for you. im addicted to you and your style of talking and your voice roopa. i want to get bored of you but everytime you come up with raising my bar of expectations, naughty, dirty, sweet and also kinky stuff.. you are more than any lover/Wife.
  • 11 months ago   jstsid  
       She is one of the most amazing women i have spoken to.....two thumbs up
  • 11 months ago   raghuraju  
       awesome girl.. love the way she is.. its always been a wondeful experience and ultimate satisfaction with roopa.. guys she is the girl you have to run for and worth each penny you spent on her..
  • 11 months ago   arunkumar  
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  • 12 months ago   orgasm2141  
       Super awesome....fucking session....Rupa talks great telugu with all dirty language.....she is awesome...don't want to leave her.....hmmmm
  • 12 months ago   chada  
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  • 12 months ago   avinashreddy  
       very good Accent.. i love her english. i bet she is the best english speaking girl in this website and awesome dirty telugu too.. love always talking to her.. will call her almost every day to listen her voice. which boosts my day and brings happiness. thanks a lot roopa for such a nice freindship and support.. love you always..
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  • 12 months ago   Hotsho084  
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  • 12 months ago   arunkumar  
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  • 12 months ago   nirupamroy  
       finally... after so many days.... got to talk to u.... missed u all these days... it was awesome as usual... oh. ur voice !!!! will call again soon roopa ....
  • 1 year ago   JPR  
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  • 1 year ago   chica9253  
       super hot & erotik talk, she is the perfect slut:) great time with you lanja
  • 1 year ago   orgasm2141  
       Super telugu by roopa she is too hot to handle....hmmm quality on wifi good ....
  • 1 year ago   Madhura   
       She understands her man very quickly and fulfils his every dream. Great talking to her. Would like to speak to her for years.
  • 1 year ago   Madhura   
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  • 1 year ago   avinashreddy  
       you'r the one.. you'r the one.. baby you are the ONE. i love you so much.. mad over you, how many times i called, never ever get over you. im bowlwd and totally in love with your voice, the way you talk, you behave and you know how to satisfy men, keep it up.. love you always... yours Avi..
  • 1 year ago   deepakjanu143  
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  • 1 year ago   Telugumodda  
       one and only telugu girl... awesome
  • 1 year ago   rajatript  
       Its great talking to Roopa.....nice stories to tell you. Willing to talk more.
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  • 1 year ago   archies10  
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  • 1 year ago   mordor3  
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  • 1 year ago   sigmamu  
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  • 1 year ago   avinashreddy  
       Roopa.. you are an awesome girl i ever seen. i wish you could be my wife. very good in english,hindi and mostly in dirty talks in telugu. i bowled over your skills and become mad for you.. will keep on calling you.. see you sweety..
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  • 1 year ago   avinashreddy  
       i fuck alomost everyday.. but it never be boring. she come up wil all new thing on everyday. full satisfaction guaranteed. ee lanja ni roju dengina thanivi theeradu, roju edo oka kotha lanja lane u tundi. ee kamma lanja puku ni denge kamma modda nade eppatiki.. love you darling..
  • 1 year ago   Rashid.sadique  
       Awesome fucking queen
  • 1 year ago   avinashreddy  
       wowwwww.... its like my dream come true.. a phone sex with telugu girl.. kevvu keka.. aripinchav roopa.. i loveeeee you so much.. will call you again ang again.. nuvve na lanjavi. nene nee ranku mogudini..
  • 1 year ago   sls123456  
       it was great....stress releasing capsule ...rahul das
  • 1 year ago   AbhayGupta  
  • 1 year ago   nirupamroy  
       this is karthik... thanks for a fabulous hour roopa... i m reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllly glad i called u.. cudnt get enuf of ur voice... it was damn sultry... cant wait to call u again... until next time then... malli kaluddam

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