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  • Age:27 Years
  • Languages:English,  Hindi,  Urdu,  Gujurati

Not Available


  • 3 weeks ago   Aqibzargarr  
       Hot n osum voice
  • 3 weeks ago   kunzi123  
  • 3 weeks ago   Hotrix  
  • 2 months ago   Pinku Barman   
       She is really sexy girl as well as her voice is sexy
  • 2 months ago   kishvkii  
  • 3 months ago   Youngman79  
       Very good
  • 3 months ago   achu128  
  • 4 months ago   Lucifeer   
       She is just superb. .her voice is soo sweet
  • 5 months ago   deepal.khanna.9112  
  • 5 months ago   londonguy  
       awesome girl.will make you feel like in real action. response was so passionate.definitely see you again preeti
  • 5 months ago   himansh4u  
       it was nice experience but she is fantastic
  • 6 months ago   ragini  
       very understanding, sweet and hot...understood my choices to the point and was very seductive.
  • 6 months ago   Jay859  
       v hot
  • 6 months ago   ankit5391  
       it was awesome
  • 7 months ago   shivam patel  
  • 7 months ago   Jay859  
       Very preety voice
  • 8 months ago   Raja sarkar  
       Yeh u ar too sexy nd nasty
  • 8 months ago   rexwrites  
       Mast Gujju maal
  • 9 months ago   raju sngh  
       so hot
  • 9 months ago   kobylove  
       great girl
  • 9 months ago   Sam_sydney  
       great talking sense...voice is deepening
  • 9 months ago   Piyushvats  
       Nice voice great time with me
  • 10 months ago   kunalgangurde  
       Very sex voice
  • 10 months ago   Kaushikgolu  
       Very hot baby
  • 11 months ago   arunkumar  
       Awesome and very genuine.
  • 1 year ago   kitabaul khan  
  • 1 year ago   notknown521  
  • 1 year ago   Raj75  
  • 1 year ago   Etrigan002  
       Amazingly hot and friendly
  • 1 year ago   rahul426  
       she is hot.
  • 1 year ago   pyare.2222  
       the most amaing girl....awesm
  • 1 year ago   satyam9027  
       it is awesome
  • 1 year ago   officialk3  
       Absolutely amazing girl love herummhhh
  • 1 year ago   vishal0234blue  
       very good
  • 1 year ago   sudip nath  
  • 1 year ago   Mariner vivek  
  • 1 year ago   rajh  
  • 1 year ago   LovelyTony  
       Very nice girl Love you darling
  • 1 year ago   nitin85y  
       She is a sweet girl n speaks good english her voice is very pretty like her name want to talk with her everyday luv u preeti
  • 1 year ago   rakesh784  
       good one :)
  • 1 year ago   pyare_11  
       strongly recommended
  • 1 year ago   agusto  
  • 2 years ago   sri4rfunalways  
       the best i had experienced...very nice and cordial...seductive and open to any thing
  • 2 years ago   chris  
       She just loves to fuck and she is so beautiful. Her voice makes me cum
  • 2 years ago   pratap  
       just a sex boom.............
  • 2 years ago   mycockisthebest  
       no minutes but would love a chat based on the reviews
  • 2 years ago   rsbhadoria12345  
       Love her tits
  • 2 years ago   sanjeev333  
  • 2 years ago   kareem  
       she is one sexy beautiful, great voice and personality adds to the appeal -cant wait to return for more luv this lady
  • 2 years ago   Loveguru  
       Good at her job.
  • 2 years ago   SHAAN  
       Great call.She really got into her role for me and kept up a constant stream of dirty talk.
  • 2 years ago   todu.gupta  
       Hot And Nasty. She the Best.
  • 2 years ago   sourab  
       \"YEAH BABY\"
  • 2 years ago   coolguy  
       supportive lady............very much liking attitude.hats off to ur frankness...pants off to your seduction

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